Machining custom robot parts


Robot Magazine has a great article about how to machine custom robot parts. In this article [Matt Bauer] shows the basics of making custom robot parts and skeletal brackets for his humanoid robot creations using a CNC mini-mill. He uses a custom jig overlay designed to make cutting thin sheet stock much easier and to protect his equipment. This template concept creates a platform for many other custom parts going forward. [Matt] includes the .nc g-code files as well as a “how-to” PDF  in a ZIP file.


  1. dax says:

    the article focuses more on the tooling jig, which is a definite requirement for any serious machining. Very clean and professional article!

  2. garf says:

    Why don’t men lactate!?

  3. @garf
    Men Don’t lactate!? Uh oh…

    And nice article. If i didn’t have two $100k HAAS cnc mills to play with at work, i’d be mad into this!

  4. eric says:

    @garf: because they lack mammary glands, of course!

  5. Marty says:

    I hate to be a pedantic a**hole, but someone needs to point out Matt that the tool for bending metal is a bending BRAKE, not a bending BREAK.

    Otherwise, a Grate Arcticle!

  6. Dave says:

    @marty: ok- that was funny.

  7. nubie says:

    Did anybody else get a “Reported Attack Site!” message when trying to visit the humanoid robot creations link?

  8. Coligny says:

    Useless… once again a machining article speaking about everything except the machining part… trick or tips… Or even whar formula to use when designing a part with bend. But hey… thanks we really needed an 100000th article about tightening screws on the tabletop…

  9. quig says:


    if you have a site that actually talks about *real* machining, submit it.

  10. What do you guys want to know about machining? I’ve been running the CNC at my work for the past couple years, and *real* machinists seem to be impressed with my abilities. I’m lazy, but if you guys have questions, maybe i could write some stuff up?

  11. Matt says:

    Thanks Jason. Hack A Day rocks.

    “Very clean and professional article!”

    Glad you found it to be a decent read.

    “I hate to be a pedantic a**hole, but…”

    You a**hole! :-D What can I say, once again there’s more evidence the public school system has failed me.

    “Did anybody else get a “Reported Attack Site!”…”

    I’m not in that sort of business… the robots might be malicious in nature, but not me. I know I haven’t updated the site for some time though.

    “Useless… once again a machining article speaking about everything except the machining part…”

    What, and give away all my secrets in three pages or less? :-D Can’t please everyone I guess.

  12. Acid says:

    Please post more articles on machining and these “Jigg’s” for small CNC. I find this captivating.

  13. metfan2000 says:

    hey fellow bloggers I’m pretty new to blogging so if you guys could help me get my blog site rolling it would be a big help the link is below

  14. or_muddslinger says:

    Cool idea…

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