Machining Custom Robot Parts


Robot Magazine has a great article about how to machine custom robot parts. In this article [Matt Bauer] shows the basics of making custom robot parts and skeletal brackets for his humanoid robot creations using a CNC mini-mill. He uses a custom jig overlay designed to make cutting thin sheet stock much easier and to protect his equipment. This template concept creates a platform for many other custom parts going forward. [Matt] includes the .nc g-code files as well as a “how-to” PDF  in a ZIP file.

14 thoughts on “Machining Custom Robot Parts

  1. Useless… once again a machining article speaking about everything except the machining part… trick or tips… Or even whar formula to use when designing a part with bend. But hey… thanks we really needed an 100000th article about tightening screws on the tabletop…

  2. What do you guys want to know about machining? I’ve been running the CNC at my work for the past couple years, and *real* machinists seem to be impressed with my abilities. I’m lazy, but if you guys have questions, maybe i could write some stuff up?

  3. Thanks Jason. Hack A Day rocks.

    “Very clean and professional article!”

    Glad you found it to be a decent read.

    “I hate to be a pedantic a**hole, but…”

    You a**hole! :-D What can I say, once again there’s more evidence the public school system has failed me.

    “Did anybody else get a “Reported Attack Site!”…”

    I’m not in that sort of business… the robots might be malicious in nature, but not me. I know I haven’t updated the site for some time though.

    “Useless… once again a machining article speaking about everything except the machining part…”

    What, and give away all my secrets in three pages or less? :-D Can’t please everyone I guess.

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