NoiseAXE minisynth


The NoiseAXE is a miniature synthesizer based on the Picaxe 08M microcontroller.  Its operating principle is fairly simple: a conductive stylus touches the leg of one of eight resistors to play one of eight notes, while a photoresistor controls the amount of modulation, creating a variable vibrato effect.  While the synthesizer’s output is rather limited (the NoiseAXE isn’t exactly a Yamaha DX7), it’s still a pretty cool little project; you could use its unique sounds to add that gritty analog touch to your next electro hit.  Check out the video clip below to see and hear it in action.

[photo: rarebeasts]


  1. altpersona says:

    If you hooked the touch leg upto infrared reciever diodes or the like you could make it convert the IR in a room to sound..

    arrange the IR diodes in a circle facing out.. so they dont all go off the same..

    doing that, adding rotation may make an interesting effect…

  2. altpersona says:

    one more..

    hook it up to the multi axis on a game controller and make it very annoying to play games..

  3. altpersona says:

    i have got to leave this thing along.. but

    10 more of them, some switches, and fine tuning and you could make a piano.. or mod a piano..

  4. Shams Ali.P says:

    Amazing Site I like it. It Was Quite Interesting NiceWork I appreciate the information you provided Excellent post. Keep it up! Good day!

  5. Lupin says:

    sinus… for gods sake add some sinus… squarewaves make my ears bleed.

  6. Zaphod says:

    This project does not produce a nice sin only because its a low part-count project, pity, because an inductor and a 220nF with 4.7KOhm would have improved the sound. Gonna try build my own one next week :-)

  7. sean says:

    besides the IR part that was basically my midterm in high school electronics (except on a protoboard to save money)

  8. strider_mt2k says:

    This could be an interesting addition to my circuit bent electronic guitar.

    Great, a collection of circuit bent instruments to complement my collection of smallish robots! :D

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