Defcon calls for new CTF organizer

Kenshoto, organizer of the official Defcon Capture the Flag contest for the last four years, has stepped down from the position, and thus Defcon is looking for a new organizer for the event. If you’re highly competent, and maybe a little crazy, this might be your chance to step in and run one of the most well-known and prestigious hacking contests in the world. Please understand that the staff is looking for someone who wants to take ownership of the contest and make something new, unique, and challenging, and that Kenshoto has left extremely huge shoes to fill. Merely offering to replicate the existing contest and keep things mostly unchanged isn’t going to cut it.

If you’re up to the challenge, check out Dark Tangent’s post on the Defcon forums (which, for some odd reason, sounds strikingly like his 2005 post calling for a CTF organizer), where he comprehensively lays out what the staff is looking for in a new event organizer. If it jives well with you, get in touch with the Defcon staff, and maybe we’ll be covering your contest later this year.


  1. jiggy-wiggy-piggy says:

    that is some huge shoes to fill

  2. TJHooker says:

    From what I read there is usually a team who organize the network, and write services and a flag monitor process for the virtual machines. It’d take a while, and you’d have to put up with a lot of bs.

  3. kaptin says:

    Heh…looks like he did just c/p. Unless you also have to build a time machine to make the 2005 deadline :]

  4. byohazrd says:

    klever kaptin is klever

  5. slider says:

    I think DC-949 did the oCTF last year. Maybe they could step up to this one.

  6. MR. GoD says:

    I hereby nominate Chuck Norris

    “I’m God, and I approve this msg”

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