Leyden jar of DOOM.


A leyden jar is basically just a simple home made capacitor. We’ve shown you how to make them before. This, however, is how you make a ridiculously large one. [Nickademuss] used a five gallon bucket to make his leyden jar. That’s five whole gallons of lightning. The video, which you can see after the break, shows it light up the entire room when it lets out a fairly formidable spark. This is dangerous folks, be careful.


  1. corp769 says:

    wow, thats a nice sized spark right there….imagine touching that damn thing…..

  2. joe57005 says:

    That’d make one HELL of a photo-flash tazer!

  3. Sean says:

    Imagine away, actually touching it probably is the last thing you’d do!

  4. andres says:

    “That’s five whole gallons of lightening”

    i think its spelled “lightning”

  5. Ed says:

    I find the Edgar Snyder ads on the page highly ironic. XD “Injured in a Leyden jar accident? There’s no fee unless we get money for you!”

  6. firedward says:

    If only I cuold use this to lower my gas bill. I would be one happy man lol.

  7. nitori says:

    I once made one from a gallon sized pickle jar but it never occurred to me to make a capacitor from a five gallon bucket.

  8. Jonathan Wilson says:

    What would the value of this thing be in Farads?

  9. shrumby says:

    >> What would the value of this thing be in Farads?

    Probably not all that high. Likely in the low nano range.
    I built some soda bottle capacitors that were only a few nano farad, but would store tens of thousands of volts and would throw an arc several inches long once the voltage reached the gaps breaking point.

  10. SETH_HIKARU says:

    Next thing to do is to make a 55 gallon plastic drum leyden jar. That things would make one hell of a spark probably cause an Electromagnetic Pulse to generate from the size and voltage. Anyone want to try this? Post a video if you do.

  11. Tom the Brat says:

    Wow. My HS Physics teacher always wanted to separate a coulomb of charge. That monster might do it!

  12. boitrice says:

    i need some research on leyden jar’s i you know anything email me at mz.sexy57@yahoo.com

  13. Extrordinary1 says:

    I once built 5 55 gal. drum caps wired in parallel and elevated 10 ft in the air on a platform and secured laying on their sides. The outer bottom was connected to the earth ground, and the center poles were connected to a helium balloon with fine wire to attract a lightning bolt from the approaching storm.

    I got a good hit, but couldn’t get close enough to discharge them completely. The farmer ended up letting his cattle in the field, and a cow got fried. I still had a lethal charge stored and discharged it with a closet pole with a long wire draped to the ground. I destroyed them after that.

  14. echodelta says:

    Subterranean chambers insulated connected to cellphone towers, DC-AC converters our “smart”grid.
    It’s what powered the Krell machine.
    Forty miles of klystron relays in every direction.
    Forbidden Planet

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