$15 HDR camera

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[Steve] was planning a 15 mile hiking trip when he came up with this idea. He wanted to get some good HDR photography, but didnt’ want to lug around his 5D MKII. He managed to pick up a couple of cheap Polaroid X530s. These have decent optics and record in RAW format, which is pretty impressive for something he got for 99cents plus shipping. He had all of the buttons wired for external control via a Viliv umpc. As you can see on his site, his results are quite nice. Of course, you don’t actually have to hack your camera to make HDR images.


  1. cryptochronolite says:

    what the deuce? where’s the story?

  2. jay says:

    Where is the link then !!

  3. nemo says:

    i like the sound of plush shipping.

  4. mess_maker says:

    “i like the sound of plush shipping.”

    Haha, that made my day :)

  5. Will says:


    A 3X zoom $400 MSRP camera for under a dollar?
    Screw the Link, where can I buy this camera?!

  6. hex4def6 says:

    “i like the sound of plush shipping.”

    haha, that made my day :)


    Of coarse you would :)

  7. Mike says:

    I see no link to his images or his site. Halp!

  8. Caleb Kraft says:

    fixed the link. sorry about that guys.

  9. bbot says:

    Presumably he got really, really lucky when ebaying, since the x530 is not a one dollar camera.

    Of course, I wouldn’t have to presume if there was a read link.

    Come on, hackaday. First you start selling stuff, now you’re leaving out read links? You might as well merge with makezine now and get it over with.

  10. bbot says:

    oh god his site is dark gray text on a black background.

  11. bbot says:

    apparently he is just using the umpc as a fancy cable release, and doing the stacking in software.

    he also calls the hdr images “technographs”, just like hitler.

    also: hyperbole is literally the best thing ever

    also also: to disable his ugly ass page style in firefox, go to view -> page style, then select no style.

  12. Hitek146 says:

    are we all supposed to already know what “hdr” means?

  13. brakk says:

    “also also: to disable his ugly ass page style in firefox, go to view -> page style, then select no style.”

    I thought his page was already set to “no style”

    “are we all supposed to already know what “hdr” means?”

    Yes, you obviously don’t cruze teh internets enough

  14. Rick says:

    So he just replaced the buttons with wires going to an external control…wouldn’t it be easier just to use a chdk script in a cheap Canon point-and-shoot?

  15. kyndal says:

    seems like a whole lot of trouble for HDR

    i think that if he has two of these cams
    it would be much cooler, to make a permanent
    stereo rig insted..

    HDR can be done without soldering, and
    some over the top computer setup
    waste of time.


  16. jakdedert says:

    I thought it was just my cheap monitor. I couldn’t even read the text unless I highlighted it.

    Why do people do that? Do they even look at their own web pages?

  17. BIOzZ says:

    i use a nikon D90 witch has exposure bracketing but this is still interesting


  18. slowbro says:

    “of coarse”


  19. dudebro says:

    yeah typos are hilarious

  20. Grommit says:

    Just like Hitler? What have you been… ah, never mind.

  21. static says:

    Relax bbot; the word “technograph” was coin due to a silly complaining comment, similar to it’s not a hack comments that are becoming a regular feature on hackaday :). People not paying attention to everything that was being said is one of the reasons Hitler was able to get by with his crap, that you brought hilter up. Anyway I thought technograph was a good simple, back at ya comment.

    Though this is one of those, I’ll never duplicate hacks, it is why I visit hackaday. To see what the rest of the world is interested in, keep them coming.

  22. sean says:

    It’s not “RAW” format, it’s just “raw” format. “Raw” is not an acronym, it is the literal meaning of the word “raw”. Every ICD has its own raw format because… every ICD has its own means of recording, interpreting, and transmitting data. It’s raw in the sense that it’s straight off the ICD without being transformed by the image processor in the camera.

  23. sean says:

    my previous post would make more sense if the first “raw” were in the original all-caps in which I wrote it.

  24. grommit says:

    Sean, what’s an icd? Google says it’s an implantable cardioverter defibrillator.

  25. Alchemyguy says:

    @grommit: That’s what he was talking about.

    Think about it…

  26. Jim K. says:

    When all else fails and you want to get attention, compare something/one to Hitler.

  27. noonevac says:

    everyone missed the weirdest part of the post
    “[Steve] was planning a 15 mile hiking trip”
    …Whats Hiking?

  28. Raymond says:

    One revolution of the earth
    around its axis made my day.

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