Xmarks helps polish Chrome


The guys over at Xmarks are working hard to bring their bookmark synchronization service to all browsers and platforms. They’ve recently begun a closed alpha test for their Google Chrome/Chromium extension. We got an invite and decided to give it a test run. Since extensions aren’t yet fully supported, and still a bit buggy you’ll need to use the latest build in the dev channel of Chrome, which means at least version or newer. We tested it on version for Ubuntu with great success. The extension is still pretty basic since it’s still at an alpha stage, but works very well with synchronizing bookmarks across different platforms and browsers. Some of the things left out from the Firefox version are profiles, smarter search, site info and suggested tags. For an alpha release, it’s very well done and functions great, and we’re certainly looking forward to this extension as it develops further.


  1. RHF says:


    And what another non-hacking related article!

  2. monkeyslayer56 says:

    also the website says xmarks beta…. last i check alpha wasn’t beta

  3. monkeyslayer56 says:

    sry my bad it is probably alpha for chrome not jsut teh plugin in genreal

  4. macegr says:

    That’s good news…Xmarks is the main reason that Chrome isn’t my primary browser.

  5. Michael says:

    That’s nice, but how long until we see support for an x64 browser?

  6. Andrew says:

    Once this becomes available, it’s all over for the memory hogging Firefox.

  7. icebox says:

    Great hack. Can’t wait to try it.

    Common that’s why we have new software releases news sites.

  8. loc nuoc says:

    can’t wait any more , need to try it now ,thanks

  9. wow cheers for this just posting on my twitter now.

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