Show us your most useless machine

We were fortunate enough to StumbleUpon the most useless machine ever. Delightful! Eclipsed perhaps by the world’s most useless machine copy. We say that because the doll arm looks more realistic which creeps us out in a very entertaining way. So these machines aren’t useless, they provide entertainment.

We, on the other hand, have had some projects that really fell on their faces. With that in mind, show use your most useless machine. Please leave a comment after the beep.


42 thoughts on “Show us your most useless machine

  1. i don’t know what is this about, i read something about showing your most useless hack….
    so here goes one of my hacks: the infrared hand flashlight
    nice huh?
    i’m about to take pics and a description of another of my hacks to post it here, but nothing yet..
    see ya!

  2. The first “Leave me alone box” was built by Claude Shannon, based on one of Marvin Minsky’s ideas. It’s simple to build, really fun, and you fell compelled to have your own.

    My most useless creation was a graphical LCD screen from a Nokia phone showing views of the mandelbrot set while LED flowers flashed all around … When I showed it to my friends they asked “what’s it for ?”. Doing electronics for fun or making stuff without purposes seems hard to understand for some people. I like to call it “art”.

  3. “show us your most useless machine”

    Dude, there is no way we can compete with a pro – how are we supposed to top the stuff Caleb Kraft comes up with?

  4. @stunmonkey

    Well technically the human body is a biological machine, so wouldn’t Caleb take the top honors himself.

  5. This is an old idea — the “Do Nothing Box”. I had one when I was a kid back in the ’50s, and it was of course all mechanical — AND WE LIKED IT! :-)

  6. Funny, but I think MS might have a patent because it’s a know issue with windows that it can get in a state where it shuts itself off after boot :)

  7. I once put a lightswitch on a box.
    It wasn’t attached to anything. It was just a lightswitch.
    I’m still not sure what it’s supposed to be.

  8. the most useless machine i made is a switch i put on a cardboard box that i tell people to flip when they go into my room. It’s only function is to make people say “what does that do?”

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