Industrial CNC controller retrofit

[Jerry] had a beefy CNC lathe whose controller wouldn’t respond. He cracked open the case and found a large scorch mark surrounding one of the servo controllers. Rather than just replace the IC and still be stuck with a 23-year-old controller he decided to retrofit the machine with modern controls.

The journey from a brick of steel to an incredible machine is fascinating. Using a combination of commercially available boards like the ModIO controller and custom-built circuits, he cleaned up control signals and give life to the lights on the original faceplate. The machine is now working beautifully with a new monitor, automatic oiling, and wireless connectivity.


  1. anon says:

    Very nice.

  2. barry99705 says:

    CNC anything is awesome….

  3. moonmonster says:

    Finally something really useful and interesting over here, great work

  4. jproach says:

    nice speed and a good build log.

  5. Oren Beck says:


    I’ve seen Bridgeports running tape read by an ASR-33

    So, I can say that this was a non-trivial Hacking..

    Good Work.

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