CES: Guts Guts Guts

We knew going into CES that we had to find some pictures of guts. It didn’t matter what it was, if there were guts showing, we snapped a picture. We were a little let down that the guts we found were basically consumer goods like cameras, TVs, and tons of amplifiers. The amplifier guts were so prolific, we actually just stopped taking pictures.  We were hoping for some insides of tablets and such. There may not be anything new here for you, but if you are like us, you just can’t help but look. Join us after the break for a gallery.

Updated with captions. There isn’t much information, most of it was just on display with no one to talk to.


  1. florian says:

    could you post a short comment what we see on the photos?

  2. Donatello says:

    These would be a lot more interesting with descriptions.

  3. Wtf? The computer in “cimg0890″ is absolutely ancient… ISA, Slot 1 processor, PCI video card…

  4. Devlin says:

    You might also notice a lack of BIOS, RAM or Keyboard. The booth featured the card you see there, which is not a video card. It is a diagnostic card connected to a VGA monitor and a keyboard. I am not clear on the specifics, but we saw bare PCBs, so we snapped a shot.

  5. elwing says:

    wooot! lots of pr0n!!!

  6. _matt says:

    The “Box of Nintendo DS guts” on CIMG0972 happens to be a lot more than NDS parts.

    Also, what’s up with the fake greenery in that one display?

  7. jay vaughan says:

    this is sexy, w0t! guts is good!

  8. Stu says:

    Nice guts!
    Is there any chance you could put in a facility to move between photos without having to come back to the main gallery page? Next/Previous etc. Its quite irritating without as my browser takes ages as it re-polls the gallery page.
    Remember, code it once properly, reuse for future galleries! ;-)

  9. googfan says:

    im so going to ces next year.

  10. jeff-o says:

    Please bring a polarizer filter with you next year. Thanks for the gallery!

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