LEGO Robot Lays Dominoes Not Eggs

[Mattias] brings the awesome once more with his LEGO robot that sets up dominoes. You’ll remember his work from the wooden keyboard case and the mechanical binary adder. This time around he’s still exercising those woodworking skills by making his own domino tiles, but it’s the robot that makes this interesting. In the must-see video after the break the device lays perfectly straight, perfectly spaced dominoes just begging to be upset by a spoiled toddler. The robot is nothing more than handful of LEGO parts powered by a tape deck motor. The parts may be meager, but there’s an abundance of ingenuity tied up in the design.


[Thanks Sion via The Awesomer]

17 thoughts on “LEGO Robot Lays Dominoes Not Eggs

  1. Nice writeup and build. Add a bigger hopper and use an IR sensor to find the table edge and turn automatically. Then, let them loose in parks and cities.

    Next, build a robot that picks up the fallen legos and puts them in the first robot.

  2. file this under great stuff lego can do that you never did when you had them.
    store them turned 90* and rotate them into place, like a P90 does :P
    setup for a second shelf of dominoes with a worm/reduction gearing to pull the shelf bottom out to reload, timed for when the last couple are about to leave the pusher.

  3. This brings back memories. :)

    I remember getting something similar for Christmas one year. It stored the plastic pieces in a vertical magazine and dropped and aligned them as you slowly pulled the machine backwards. It was filled with a bunch of plastic gears that did everything (no electronics or motors).

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