Ground your car to make it go

This security system called G-spot requires that you touch a special place on the car prior to attempting to start it. This is pretty slick as it could be completely un-obvious and doesn’t require any special fobs or minor surgery. With the right placement, no one would ever notice that you had touched it.

[via HackedGadgets]


  1. UltraMagnus says:

    did anyone else get a weird image for this in their e-mail subscription? It had an image of someone using one of those “cold heat” soldering irons for me.

  2. Jgdovin says:

    @UltraMagnus watch the video? @3:10 he used a cold soldering iron

  3. yeah my rss feed had that image.

  4. it’s a still from the video.

  5. John says:

    Always cut away from yourself :P

    Cool project though! I should make one for my MR2!

  6. Dick says:

    Wow, four comments in and no lewd jokes

  7. Anon says:

    Was on Hackedgadgets first

  8. daewootech says:

    sort of neat, seems 1 part rigged and 1 part iffy. but if you got it working it would be a pretty sweet trick. I personally would prefer a nice little James bond type password entry in the console.

    another option would be to do what i did in my old car which was to hook up another key-switch under the dashboard that wasn’t visible that would be a master, if that wasn’t on the main switch wouldn’t work. It was as simple as cutting the main line, and splicing the added switch in between and locating it somewhere hidden.

  9. UltraMagnus says:

    @Jgdovin ah, I see. I can’t believe people still use those blasted things.

  10. M4CGYV3R says:

    Has this guy never heard of circuit boards? Damn that’s all twisted and tiny!

  11. chango says:

    @daewootech I used to know someone who hid a fuel pump cutoff inside a passenger center console ashtray. Easy to reach, but hidden and not at all obvious.

  12. fartface says:

    a keyfob with a magnet and a reed switch would do this with a LOT less work.

    I prefer to simply add a toggle switch that disabled the fuel pump power. mount it under the seat and not worry as no thief would sit there trying to figure something out. If it wont start, he leaves.

    A loud alarm with the siren I?N the cabin works even better, thief opens door and get’s blasted in the face with 120db siren… He leaves.

  13. Mikey says:

    It’s a little hard to follow, but pretty cool. Glad to see I’m not the only one who has gone without using a pcb on a small circuit like this.

  14. James says:

    Used to use a switch, as several have said here, in a hidden spot. Problem is that if someone wants your car and knows the make/model they’ll know how to bypass any immob like this in minutes. My normal immob covers the opportunist morons that would be baffled by this, I’d need something far more confusing to get past the clever ones. I’ve been thinking of grounding the cam sensor input to the ECU, that would have it immobilised without being one of the “normal” circuits expected and if grounded at/in the ECU you’ve totally stuffed the thief.

  15. anon says:

    C’m on, please use something a bit neater. A real pcb, and real resin. I hope your car is worth 10 bucks.

  16. yehar says:

    John, cutting away from oneself is a good rule, but it does not apply to pressing the knife with fingers against the thumb of the same hand, because then there will never be much momentum behind the knife; it will stop quickly if there is a slip. If one uses the whole arm for the cutting strength, then the situation is different and the rule applies.

  17. greycode says:

    You know, I was wondering why the car alarm still survives, and now I know why. I had never thought of putting “inside” the car where the cabin is. That is genius. Sure the whole neighborhood is going to ignore your car alarm but if it is right next to your ear, you are not going to. And that is what a car thief would have to do. Genius. At least if he did steal my car, I know that in return, he is deaf.

  18. Ron says:

    While it’s nice to see this, it isn’t exactly new. I bought something like this from JC Whitney and forgot to remove it from the car that I junked in 1986.

    You had to touch a (non-grounded) screw and a ground like the ignition at the same time to trip the relay and energize the coil.

  19. danielbpm says:

    there is an updated revision of the “g-spot” neatly made with some veroboard. its a cool project and the guy has two patents over the device. next mod in line for my two-wheeled motor vehicle!

  20. jproach says:

    @M4CGYV3R: that’s probably the point…

    Anyway at the beginning of the clip he mentions an SMD PCB.

  21. Nanan says:

    @fartface Ah so your the one who broke into my Eclipse and left it half way down the block?

    I totally rewired the car, all wiring was tape wrapped then put in fire shielding tube then wrapped again. I integrated my anti-theft options with upgrades to just about everything electrical in the car. I had a fuel pump cutoff but I had left it in the run position, doh. Got my car back minus the drivers side window,a busted steering colmn and IGN lock.

  22. Twred says:

    MasterLock has got a new ‘wireless’ car alarm.
    Pretty sweet. It just plugs into your ciggarette lighter && sends a signal to the alarm horn (horns?) if it senses an intruder in the cabin ov the vehicle. Since its wireless, I could just imagine buying additional horna and placing them inside the car! That would be freaking hilarious!

  23. James says:

    Yeah, a friend of mine used to have a 130db warning siren mounted behind the dash in his car, you simply couldn’t stay in the car with it if the alarm went off. Great method but I’d wonder about your legal status if they sustained hearing damage, it’s effectively similar to fitting an inverter to hidden seat contacts – works but could be considered OTT for vehicle protection!

  24. nes says:

    @daewootech: a flip-out keypad under the dash was an option on many 90’s-era Peugeots and probably other French made cars too. When (not if) it malfunctioned it could be trivially overcome by pulling the wiring from the back however.

    The anti theft systems on many modern cars are way too difficult to overcome for an opportunist thief. The current trend here is to simply lift the car onto a truck, presumably to strip it and weigh it in for scrap. Onlookers tend not to intervene as they will assume the miscreants are officials impounding the car.

  25. greg says:

    So I opened the page on my Blackberry, and noticed it was full of spam. Check it out: Go to the linked article ( and then Select (FF) View > Page Style > No Page Style.

    There is all kinds of 1990-esque content spam (which is not really related to the actual topic) which is being hidden with CSS. I don’t get it? What is the motivation behind adding this?

    eg: “product with” “smallest carbon footprint” “how to find” g-spot video sex porn tiniest smallest simplest cheapest easiest fastest newest latest news “anti-theft”

  26. Rob in Belfast says:

    I am totally surprised that no-one has mentioned that this won’t work if you are a bloke.

    Women have been complaining for years that men do not know where to find the g-spot.


    This is a real instruction video. Plenty of detail and I appreciated the use of “here’s one I made earlier” props.

    Kudos to you.

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