Portable Atari the size of a Game Boy

This portable Atari is the result of [Mario's] toils. The core system is an Atari Flashback 2, an embedded system released in 2005 with several built-in games. The stock titles weren’t enough so [Mario] added a cartridge slot in order to play whichever games he wishes. The case was originally the packaging for an iPod touch so you know it’s sturdy. We also like the free-formed audio amplifier as seen in the work log. Does anyone know if the Flashback 2 has a pause feature?


  1. gordon james says:

    pretty cool good job!

  2. MS3FGX says:

    The whole thing comes together pretty nicely considering how it looks rather thrown together internally.

  3. Nick says:

    I’ll take this over a gameboy any day.

  4. kirov says:

    Pointless as you can just get a psp or gameboy or even any iphone/adroid device to the same effect

  5. MWeekley says:

    Sure you can buy a console to emulate, but this is a much cheaper, cloned system that can be modified to play cartridges. Much cheaper, and fun to mess around with.

  6. Ding says:

    Way to miss the whole point Kirov.

  7. Paul Potter says:

    Awesome. Really great work.

  8. bluewraith says:

    Oh hi.. you must be new here.

  9. hyp3rlink says:

    Good job! Love this kind of hack. It allows us to experience those moments of nostalgia anywhere.

  10. Osgeld says:


    unfortunately no, he is not new here, just a lamer troll

  11. Hoopstar says:

    What screen did he use? Couldn’t find it listed anywhere..

  12. Mikey says:

    @Hoopstar … since he put it in an iPod case, I would assume he just used the iPod’s screen. Maybe he didn’t but that’s what I would guess.

  13. Mikey says:

    My bad, it was the “Packaging” for the iPod.

  14. Mario says:

    @Hoopstar: I used a “3.5 inch car monitor” from ebay. They look like this:


    They’re great quality, and pretty cheap if you can find a good deal on ebay. Just try searching things like 3.5″ tft monitor.

  15. sjm4306 says:

    The screen he used is one of those 3.5″ car reverse lcds that are easily hackable and dirt cheap off of ebay. Additional points in my book for reusing an ipod touch case for the build.

  16. retro says:

    It needs the wood grain look and feel, come on its an atari!!!

  17. dooglehead says:

    “Does anyone know if the Flashback 2 has a pause feature?”

    hmmm… tempting.

  18. Greenaum says:

    For the pause feature, I know the Z80 had a HALT line (tho I think this let the DRAM bits decay if it was on too long. Not that that’s relevant!).

    Anyway if the 6502 had one, the 6510 probably doesn’t. How about a bit of logic to feed it an infinite loop? Just a few bytes, that can be paged out and let the cartridge data carry on after that. Since an infinite loop still needs to fetch opcodes every few cycles.

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