14 thoughts on “Meter clock

  1. The op-amps are not for keeping the meter from drawing too much current. On the contrary, they are there to provide enough current to the meters :)

  2. Those gauges remind me of the water/coolant level gauges in the control room of the reactor in The China Syndrome for some random reason. :-)

    Awesome hack!

  3. I think it’s TIME for HAD to stop with the oh so pedestrian clock “hacks”.

    They’re like a preschooler’s finger painting destined to hang on the family refrigerator.

  4. I quite like clocks too so I don’t mind these stories.

    Let’s face it, HAD can’t come up with cool high level hacks every day. 30 seconds looking at stuff like this is fine IMHO.

  5. I had this same idea over two years ago… Too bad I never got around to actually building it. My idea was to use an ATmega8, three 8-bit R2R DACs and three opamps. Just like this one.

    Here is my concept drawing from two years ago:

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