Something wicked this way comes

Halloween is rapidly approaching. This is just a reminder to you all to send in your Halloween hacks now so that we can all see them and steal your ideas get inspiration for our own projects. We’ve seen fantastic stuff in the past from motorized pumpkins to costumes that are simply awe-inspiring. Take a few moments to dig through the Halloween hacks we’ve run in the past.

Of course we understand that some of you will be pushing up to the big day to complete your projects. Just remember to take good pictures and document it all well.


  1. Clueless_Being says:

    im making a spartan armor made out of paper

  2. MoJo says:

    Less of the “tabloid” cheezy headlines please.

  3. Brennan says:

    Man, that must have been hard to carve the middle sections of that HAD logo.

  4. MrObvious says:


    Really? It’s a clever use of toothpicks. The center pieces had to be the easiest part. Cool carving nonetheless.

  5. syale says:


    Toothpicks are hard to carve! I usually just buy them :)

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