New Term For Art: Sculptural Robotics

[Dan Roe] has been working on Sculptural Robotics for quite some time, and most recently presented his newest creation: Solar Flowers 2010. Typically, Sculptural Robotics (coined by [Dan] himself) are stand alone, static art presentations made from electronic components and wire. [Dan] of course has taken it quite a bit further; giving all his sculptures life using solar panels, motors, engine circuits, and more. Making them zero emission, and beautiful at the same time. You can catch four videos after the jump of his moving sculptures. Not that we’re picking favorites, but the dragonfly is pretty amazing if we do say so ourselves.





10 thoughts on “New Term For Art: Sculptural Robotics

  1. I like how he “went further” and made “Sculptural Robotics” that actually move

    It makes me want to get some new “Sculptural Robotics” cause the ones on my desk are not doing it for me anymore (you know the telephone and computer mouse)

  2. Some of his work is explicitly BEAM robotics–He’s not stealing credit, he cites Tilden all over the place and builds on the art and aesthetics side of BEAM. It’s all over his web site. Nice!


    Thanks to HAD I’ve already built an inchworm-bot made of industrial scrap at work. (I provided the gear motor)

    I was totally planning on building a solar spinner to run off the ambient light at my work bench and boom! -there’s an article on HAD.

    I love this site!

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