[Ben Heck] is in the Halloween spirit with his Portal inspired “see through” t-shirt. That is, a thin lcd is mounted on [Ben's] chest, with a not as thin camera mounted on his back; when the system is running, everything behind him is captured by the camera and displayed on the LCD. The concept isn’t exactly new by any means, often by the name of “gaping holes” or “hole through body” or more, but the project goes to show that a creative costume isn’t always the most elaborate, expensive, or even a new idea. Catch a video of how to make your own Portal shirt, after the jump. Oh, and you can win the Portal shirt here.

[via The Daily What]


  1. Hirudinea says:

    Holy shirt, that’s neat!

  2. Caleb says:

    anyone say active camoflage?

  3. notmyfault2000 says:

    @Caleb: It’s a neat concept but for something like AC it doesn’t quite work due to perspective changes. Also, the glowing monitor on your chest might give you away in the dark…

    I still want this shirt though. Too bad I’m flat broke.

  4. Reaper says:

    Everyone knows portals don’t work on moving objects…

  5. Chris Muncy says:

    I good tweak for that would have gotten the camera’s focal length to match the real world (50mm +/- IIRC)

  6. zool says:

    video has been set to private :/

  7. Hirudinea says:


    Seems Ben’s having a contest to give the shirt away, mabye you’ll get lucky.


  8. Erik Johnson says:

    Very cool, agree with @Chris Muncy, it should show a roughly 1:1 with what the eye sees in an eyeful.

    I would also be very cool to have EL wire/LEDs pulsating on the edge instead of static paint for the portal outline/event horizon.

  9. cde says:

    Its not think with portals until both sides of the shirt have a portal. Just double up on the number of lcds and cameras.

  10. M4CGYV3R says:

    Kinda sucks not being able to see it in action. Video is private, and no alternative linkage from Ben’s site.

  11. axodus says:

    video link:

  12. Brad says:

    You can catch the video at http://www.revision3.com/tbhs

    When we put it together we noticed the issue with the focal length, but it was just a for fun type of thing that we did in my garage, using the parts on hand. The camera, while decent and pretty cheap just didn’t do the focal length to make it totally realistic. Still a fun project though! =)

    -Brad <-the old mushmouth sounding guy in the video

  13. Hacksaw says:

    Ben heck strikes again…this is among the coolest “Halloween” things i’ve seen in years

  14. jeb says:

    Hasn’t this been done before as a harry potter invisibility cloak or something? I suppose it is a slight improvement but this idea has totally been done. I mean i’m a big fan of ben but the guy makes loads of cool shit we don’t need to worship just anything he makes because he made it.

  15. Trollicus says:

    Oh no, he’s turned himself into a teletubby!

    Help find a cure! This could happen to you, this could happen to anyone!!!

    Holy Shirt!

    I think I’m going sane in a crazy world!

  16. adam says:

    hate to ruin it but it was done 2 years ago except it was a “Death Becomes Her” dress. Its still really cool and i was thinking of doing it myself and wear around between classes but i didn’t have the money to order a couple of cameras


  17. adam says:

    yeah sorry didn’t even read trough, my brain is fried today

  18. 24601 says:

    Slightly annoyed by the intrusion of the xbox project in the middle. Oh well…

  19. soopergooman says:

    im gonna use my psp GO!Cam and an a psp 2000 to achieve this. will post a vid…

  20. Don says:

    Hey is Multi- meter
    or mul-tim-eter( sounds like altimeter with an M)
    his pronunciation?????????????

  21. Itwork4me says:

    Sorry i know he used parts at hand but if rather see someone use…ya know I just won’t say and leave it a mystery.

  22. Mike says:

    ED has some great (NSFW) Portal pics.

  23. Jake-P says:

    I love this kind of stuff but have no idea how they manage to pass information to the lcd. Can someone either explain or point me to a website showing how they rig the stand alone lcd to display images?

  24. Grovenstien says:

    Portal not Port Hole! Multi- Metre not mul tim metre. Also the camera needs a longer lens length perhaps a 50mm to give much less perspective for this to look really good.

  25. dalton says:

    portal sucks

  26. smilr says:


    The lcd they used has a composite (yellow rca) video input. The camera they used has a composite video output. They simply connected video and ground wires out of the camera to the video and ground input wires on the lcd.

  27. 24601 says:

    I too was annoyed by the “port-hole”, but I also use “mul-tim-eter”.

  28. Hacksaw says:

    @ Grovenstien if you are going to be that picky its meter mot metre.and to be precise there is no hyphen or space in the spelling of that model so mul tim eter would be correct.just sayin if u r gonna be da grammer police u should know what u r talkin about( see what I did there talked in teen speak)

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