Touch screen jukebox

We went “live” with our forums less than 24 hours ago and we already have our first project ready for the front page.  [Elementix] has shown us his touch screen jukebox build. Using an assortment of car audio speakers and amplifiers hooked up to an old Pentium 4 PC with 120 Gigs of storage, he put together the base cabinet. The touchscreen is an ebay find and he built a custom enclosure for that part. For the interface, he started with “Jukebox Arcade”, a jukebox front end for mame cabinets but found he could easily manipulate the layout since it used an xml file for the settings. After some trial and error, and a little work with the gimp, he got it looking the way he wanted. If you haven’t been there already, you should really check out our new forums.


  1. Sigg3 says:

    frist postr!

  2. Sigg3 says:

    Oooh. I have an 8″ Lilliput LCD with touch, going to use it directly on my LinuxMCE server as a “media station”, everything builti inside an old secretary.

    But I have separated the w00fers from the rest of the setup. Won’t the old furniture distort the sound, or send out massive vibrations?

  3. Elementix says:

    I haven’t had any problems with it. Everything is solidly mounted, and the front doors are held in place by magnets.

  4. Tumbleweed says:

    Nice work!

    For those interested in doing a touch screen jukebox take a look at the version I put together:

    With a little bit of AutoCAD work and some spray adhesive you can jigsaw your way to having a living room Wurlitzer!


  5. Volkemon says:


    THANKS!!! I followed your forum post sources, and have the setup running with your big button GUI.
    NICE WORK. I am off and running with cabinet ideas now..

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