8×8 LED infinity mirror

[chromationsystems] put out a couple instructibles on building infinity mirrors. One with an 8×8 array of LEDs and one with a 32 LED ring. These are very well  documented covering the construction of the mirror enclosure as well as the circuit and code. The effect is quite nice. The 8×8 array is interesting, we haven’t seen that before. These would make a fine addition to any geek cave/electronics lab. While it looks like these were basically advertisements for a product he sells, you can definitely make your own from his instructions. We like this kind of advertising.


  1. fotoflojoe says:

    The 1970s called, they want their infinity lights back.

    I kid! I kid!

    Nice work.

  2. MrX says:

    Mmm… I think having two servos controlling the angle of the back mirror would produce awesome results, at least I think it would move the visual parallax without needing you to move around.

  3. paul says:

    I agree! that would make it sweet.

  4. strider_mt2k says:

    Oh man.
    Anyone else having flashbacks?

    Very cool, but brings back memories of what used to be the black light room in the back of any Spencer Gifts.

    Oh for a couple of glowy Led Zep posters…

  5. Volkemon says:

    @strider_mt2k- Ditto. I am in the University Mall Spencer Gifts,Burlington VT, and it is 1983.


    NICE idea. Maybe sound controlled.

  6. george says:

    I think technically its 4×8

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