8×8 LED Infinity Mirror

[chromationsystems] put out a couple instructibles on building infinity mirrors. One with an 8×8 array of LEDs and one with a 32 LED ring. These are very well  documented covering the construction of the mirror enclosure as well as the circuit and code. The effect is quite nice. The 8×8 array is interesting, we haven’t seen that before. These would make a fine addition to any geek cave/electronics lab. While it looks like these were basically advertisements for a product he sells, you can definitely make your own from his instructions. We like this kind of advertising.

6 thoughts on “8×8 LED Infinity Mirror

  1. Mmm… I think having two servos controlling the angle of the back mirror would produce awesome results, at least I think it would move the visual parallax without needing you to move around.

  2. Oh man.
    Anyone else having flashbacks?

    Very cool, but brings back memories of what used to be the black light room in the back of any Spencer Gifts.

    Oh for a couple of glowy Led Zep posters…

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