Hacking Teddy Ruxpin

[DJ Sures] got his hands on a broken Teddy Ruxpin doll and decided to give it a new robotic life. You may want to ask the children to leave the room before viewing the video after the break. It starts right off with little Teddy having his throat slashed in order to get at the parts in the head. After retrofitting the eyes, mouth, neck, and arms with servos, Teddy gets a Bluetooth upgrade that lets you control his movements wirelessly. [DJ Sures] even has plans to get the little guy up and walking, far exceeding the original capabilities.


  1. dmcbeing says:

    For some wierd reason i wanted to see the bear spin it head 180 degrees (ala Excoricist).Cool project :D

  2. Ivan Tikhonov says:

    That’s how Dr.Frankenstein started.

  3. foo says:

    love it

    i must see video of him interacting with kids and having the teddy say all sorts of evil crazy things in a demonic voice.

  4. Paul Potter says:

    Both cool and cute.

    The one I remember took a standard looking cassette tape.

  5. Mark R says:

    I also think it would be better if it had an evil voice. It looks so cute and innocent, that it would be awesome to scare kids with it. Now Ill have to try that with my daughters talking Dora the Explorer doll.

  6. Tech B. says:

    This reminds me of the bear on the AI movie:

  7. RadBrad says:

    Nice hack, like the other bots as well.
    Cheers from Thunder Bay!


  8. jeditalian says:

    gotta love those 80’s/90’s electronics/circuit boards. you didn’t need a fancy soldering iron to hack them. they are so spaced out and more easily examinable.
    that one looked softer and smaller too i think, than the kind i remember, like @Paul Potter mentioned. we used to pop random tapes in there because there’s just something funny about seeing an animatronic bear singing bad things.

  9. jeditalian says:

    okay maybe the same size bear, but i think he may have taken larger batteries as well.

  10. Jesse Smith says:

    There were two teddy ruxpin bears as i recall. That was the first generation with the 8 track casette. The second generation used a regular casette tape. They both took 4 AA batteries. Both were made by Playskool.

  11. egasimus says:

    “Mother, I don’t want you to bury me
    next to a friend of Teddy Ruxpin”
    — Bulgarian punk song.

  12. Chris says:

    someday the world will be over ran by robotic teddy bears that don’t hibernate but only kill

  13. octel says:

    what a strange laptop. some kind of macbook pro knockoff?

  14. Hawaii00000 says:

    Cool in a creepy sort of way.

  15. medwardl says:

    Would love to see it act normal until queued by the blue tooth to go all demonic and then have it switched back to normal to really screw with the kids heads.

  16. XiuiX says:

    Man, that brings back some good old memories.

    :) I am happy to see Ruxpin with modern Equipment.

  17. Thomas says:

    I had Teddy Ruxpin made by Worlds Of Wonder, Yes Ent, Backpack Toys.

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