Forum addition: project requests

We’ve added a new section to our forums called Requests and Commissions. First, we can’t stress enough that this is NOT a place to ask for help with illegal or illicit actions. Hackaday has always been about hacking for good and that’s what motivated the creation of this forum. Time and again we’ve seen hackers helping out others by modifying gaming controllers for the those in need or bringing mobility to the disabled. The requests forum is a great place to ask for help with these types of projects, or just to team up with hackers that have skills in areas you don’t.

So swing by and check it out. The golden rule is keep it legal and keep it legit. And do remember that this is the Internet, so think about the decisions you are making. We’re not going to swoop in to save you if you end up getting scammed by a Nigerian prince to whom you sent a thousand dollars worth of parts to but didn’t receive a completed project in return. Any arrangements you make with another user are between you two, and do not involve us.


  1. avrpunk says:

    Illegal or illicit in what jurisdiction?

  2. HARaaM says:

    We have over 7000 diagrams of stuff at
    but I do not know if repairing anything is legal anymore.

  3. alan says:


    that is one ugly website.

  4. Paul says:

    What a great idea, how did you ever think of it??

  5. biozz says:

    so no asking anyone to run heroin across the Canadian border for an end table?
    damn, off to cregs list!

  6. tauntaun_rider says:

    Still want a titty cube

  7. Kron says:

    ok so where do i look if i want stuff covered you don’t cover here? just a word is enough… US jurisdiction doesn’t not apply here so i don’t really care bout that…
    a searchword woud be enough

  8. addidis says:

    Awesome work, now we need some stuff to build :)

  9. Malikaii says:

    Great idea.

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