Meet Mr. Clappidoo


[Laurence] tinkers around the house quite a bit, making all sorts of fun interactive toys for his children to play with. Mr. Clappidoo is a toy that he finished a while back, which bears a striking resemblance to one of his projects we recently showed you, Papydoo. This is not a coincidence, as Papydoo was created after Mr. Clappidoo was built, borrowing many features from his predecessor.

Who is your daddy and what does he do?

It’s a good thing you asked. Mr. Clappidoo uses an IR motion sensor to detect nearby objects, waking up and interacting with whatever crosses his path. He is capable of four different random moods ranging from angry to flirty. He projects these moods by changing the color of his LED-lit eyes as well as playing simple sounds. A balsa wood chest makes up Clappidoo’s body, and he repeatedly claps his lid mouth open and shut using a small servo, hence the name.

Like his other projects, [Lawrence] has focused his efforts to ensure that the three AA batteries used to power Clappidoo last as long as possible. He says that with moderate usage the device can run off the same set of batteries for a few months before needing replacement.

It’s a fun little contraption, sure to please the kids. Stick around for a quick video of Clappidoo in action.


  1. boku says:

    And he winks too ;)

  2. kaoD says:

    Oh my god the sounds are really annoying! Looks cool tho.

  3. Squintz says:

    I like it. Kids would love it.

  4. Alex Parting says:


  5. Kozz says:

    I think I’d have preferred sounds from Portal sentries.

  6. Mike says:

    “capable of four different random moods ranging from angry to flirty”

    I had an ex-girlfriend just like that.

  7. zool says:

    i think if you’re going to call it clappidoo you should have a clap activated mode

  8. privacydude says:

    nice kindergarten cop/austrian death machine reference, HaD!

  9. JeremyC says:

    Wow, so I posted something similar, but simpler today:

  10. Stonehamian says:

    @zool: Great idea. Perhaps a future project could be sound activated.

  11. octel says:

    Reminds me of Robie the coin-eating robot, from way back in the day

  12. Alan Rochester says:

    clappy-doo , clabby-doo
    n (Scot) a large black mussel
    (C19: probably from Scottish Gaelic clab enormous mouth + dubh black) –

    …A Horse Mussel…

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