Help 2600 Magazine Compile a List of Dates for their Hacker Calendar!

2600, the magazine familiar to many as a preeminent hacking quarterly, is publishing a calendar. While, according to the 2600 site, most calendars only mark holidays, 2600 intends to “provide as complete a guide to milestones in the hacker world as humanly possible.” Not an easy task considering that, depending on your definition, hacking could extend to the discovery of fire, or at least the wheel.

2600 gives some examples in which they only list events back to March 3, 1885, when AT&T was founded.  If this example is followed, that “only” gives one 126 years to work with, but compiling a full list of hacking dates is still a daunting task. If you can think of any dates worthy of consideration, email them to:  We think maybe September 5th, 2004 might be a notable date to include. We’ll leave it up to figure out what that date is, in case it wasn’t painfully obvious.


  1. anon says:

    +1 for inclusion of 5 Sep, 2004!

  2. somedude says:

    june 4 2011 the day not a single fuck was given

  3. Gar says:
  4. tjb says:

    November 5th 1955

  5. Reckless says:

    Someone’s going to have to explain the significance of 5th Sept 2004 for me. Google isn’t turning up much!

  6. Ren says:

    Well, there’s January 1st, then January 2nd, followed by January 3rd…

    Hmmm, you’d think hackers could write a script to list all the days of the year


  7. Aw man, I was an engineering student in college and it was the 2nd week of my sophomore year..

    And hackaday came into my life 9/5/2004 with:

    [ ]

  8. CH says:

    The day the robots fought back.

  9. Gravis says:

    i give up, what happened on September 5th, 2004?

  10. gizmo says:

    09/05/2004 definitely worthy!

  11. filespace says:

    wiki started

  12. filespace says:

    just kidding… HAD is soo much more informative than wiki.,,,,,

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