Pass the Bomb electronic drinking game

[Ragnar] and his friends were getting tired of the usual Friday night drinking games. They went through dice games, card game, and TV show based games before [Ragnar] retired to his workbench to whip up an electronic solution that would randomly pick a player and assign a certain number of drinks. That’s a novelty at first but not really a game. After letting the project sit for some time he revisited it and came up with a more advanced solution. The box seen above is his second attempt; a game called pass the bomb.

The case is a black aluminum project box. The user interface includes a 20×4 character LCD and three buttons. Check the video after the break for the menu system as well as english translations. Once turned on you can set the sensitivity for the accelerometer and choose the game. For now, pass the bomb is the only option – a game that counts down to a digital explosion. Carefully pass the device to the next player without upsetting the accelerometer or it’ll go BOOM and you’ll have to drink.

We’d prefer to enjoy a nice frothy beverage rather than searching for reasons to throw back some shots, but whatever floats your boat.


  1. Devin says:

    This would be a good Android/iOS app

  2. Abbott says:


    Yea, but when you drop your “bomb” you don’t have to worry about cracking your screen on your nice expensive phone

  3. mad_max says:

    @Devin no, it would NOT be a good phone app. For reasons outlined by @Abbott.

  4. Dan says:

    It’d be good if this were reasonably liquid-proof and emanated a less annoying “boom”.

  5. Haku says:

    Upgrade thought: include the circuitry from one of those “shock your friend” novelty items, so when the counter hits zero it electrifies the casing!

  6. David says:

    Does it have to stay attached to what looks like a power source? I could imagine it would be a nuiscance trying to juggle 2 boxes with a cable between them as intoxication increases.

  7. Charlie says:

    Sounds like a great kit!! Where can I buy and build???

  8. nimrod316 says:

    that play exists in the recent wii play motion game, same name even. nevertheless, nice work.

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