Robotic disco floor is a mobile party

[Chris Williamson] designed the Rave Rover, a mobile disco floor with integrated stripper pole for this year’s DragonCon.

[Chris] started building combat robots back in 2000 for Battlebots and Robot Wars and cofounded the South Eastern Combat Robot league. He’s a lover and not a fighter, so for the DragonCon robotics track [Chris] built his mobile dance party. He put up an Instructable of his build and some of the features are really clever. Whenever the dance floor is being ‘used’, pneumatic cylinders lower the disco floor so it rests directly on the ground. A good idea, especially considering what we imagine happens on the Rave Rover.

For the light-up disco floor, [Chris] cut black ABS sheets on a CNC router and installed RGB LED modules controlled by an Arduino. The floor can display low-res animations, but random patterns look just a cool.

The Rave Rover was designed and built over a one month span to get ready in time for DragonCon. The build was a little hurried but the quality is still there. Check out video of the Rave Rover at DragonCon after the break.


  1. rasz says:

    Isnt dragoncon the one with one of the top dudes convicted for child molestation? Mobile Strip poles is indeed what they need.

    • daniel says:

      No, apparently that dude has been out for 10 or so years. They maybe could re-think the stripper pole in a field that is trying to attract women though. Probably very functional for that tiny dance floor, but bad connotations.
      Otherwise awesome project!

    • Alex says:

      Looks like anyone can hop up there, so maybe a pole is a good idea; it gives drunk people something to hang onto.

  2. mixadj says:

    Did I see bar2d2 running around in the background?

  3. Hirudinea says:

    Why do I get a picture of this guy dancing around butt naked on this thing in my mind?

  4. N0LKK says:

    Nice build, and a great instructable. Beyond that “bad connotations” in a comment to this post? Hack, Hacker are “bad connotations”. Ideally visitors to hackaday wouldn’t be reinforcing a world where snap judgements based on something as ambiguous as, bad connotations, are tolerated.

  5. stefodestructo says:

    I’m surpised that it’s missing a camera :p

  6. James says:

    This thing was awesome. Got to see it in action. DCon chicks dancing on it and making out :-) Then some guy walks up and tries poking them with his lightsaber, literally.

  7. pRoFlT says:

    is that Zach Galifianakis dancing up on there?

  8. zuul says:

    i can just see some engineering guy watching this vid, and his wife walks in, and she’s like WTF ARE YOU WATCHING
    and he’s like


  9. pete says:

    Not sure if all people instinctively know hat to do when they see a stripper pole or is all people who voluntarily dance on surprise stripper poles have prior stripperpole experience. mobile comments suck

  10. michu says:

    looks like they should use PixelController:

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