Hackaday Birthday Cake!

[Alex], aka [Grovenstien] turned 30 this weekend. After a conversation with his sister, where she asked: “what was that website with the skull that you always look at?”, he thought maybe he’d get a sticker or a shirt. She surprised him with this totally awesome birthday cake! There really aren’t any build details, but you can pretty much see that it has LEDs for eyes as well as some crazy sparkler effects going on as well. What we’re particularly impressed with is the fact that everything was hand cut, even that crisp text at the bottom. Happy Birthday [Grovenstien] and awesome job big sister!

check out the rest of the pictures after the break.

27 thoughts on “Hackaday Birthday Cake!

  1. Wow thanks Hack a Day for showing this! Also a massive thanks to my sister and whole family for a great day!

    The mildly annoying thing is I haven’t posted any of my hacks! Im gunna have to get a wriggle on I think!

    I did ask if the LED’s flashed happy birthday in binary but my sister looked at me with a puzzled face!

    Thanks again people.

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