Retro-gaming wall art; it’s playable!

Here’s a wall hanging for the reception area that let’s your customers play retro games while they wait. To give you some sense of scale, the buttons to the right (labeled Start/Jump but we would call them A and B) are arcade buttons larger than traditional arcade buttons. The screen itself is a Samsung widescreen computer monitor — we’d wager that it’s a 16″ model but we’re just guessing. It’s held in the wooden frame by a piece of angle bracket.

This is the product of a hack we looked at in June where an Arduino was used to control digitized retro LCD games. The same hardware is used, monitoring the buttons with the Arduino and using a Python script to translate them to keypresses on a computer. That means this isn’t a standalone, but needs a computer to run the game and feed the LCD monitor. Still, we love the look of it and hold out hope that this will someday migrate to FPGA control (they have not problem driving LCD screens) with selectable games.


  1. DanAdamKOF says:

    Those aren’t arcade buttons, they look like a custom job.

  2. Juls says:

    This is a good project for the future rasberry pi

  3. Shadyman says:

    Yo dawg, we heard you like video games, so here’s a video game in your video game so you can play while you play.

  4. Paul Potter says:

    Bit odd having the screen in screen image like that.

  5. tobie says:

    HI guys,

    We did this a proof of concept. The reason the game is in the game is because the game runs on the web….we will fix this later…
    was still a pretty cool project to be involved in

  6. tobie says:
  7. JWyatt says:

    Do you really need an Arduino for this? When I refitted a stand-up arcade game, we just took the encoder out of an unused keyboard and wired it to the controls.

  8. fartface says:

    So close yet fail…

    Having a screen in the Screen makes it fail. Use an emulator that get’s rid of the fake Gameboy screen border

  9. Jordaan says:

    It’s Ninception!

  10. rasz says:

    arduino – for people that dont know what a gamepad is.

  11. Trev says:

    We sorted out the console within a console!

  12. tobie says:

    should we have used an arduino? – absolutely not!
    Why dit we? – Because we can, and this little game might to some other very cool tricks soon… will keep you poste

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