The International Obfuscated C Code Contest is back

The International Obfuscated C Code Contest is back. The stated goals of the IOCCC are to, “Write the most obscure C program, show the importance of programming style (by doing the opposite), stress the preprocessor to the breaking point, and illustrate some subtleties of the C language.” If you think you’re up to the task of abusing your compiler, check out the rules and guidelines for the contest.

There’s nothing quite like having the code for a flight simulator look like a plane, or calculating pi by measuring the area of C code. The submissions to the IOCCC are classic hacks; very clever things that shouldn’t work, but do despite themselves.

There hasn’t been an IOCCC competition since 2006, and no one knows if it will be around next year. We’ve already seen a few potential entries for this year, like piping chars into /dev/audio to generate a song and hyperlinks all the way down. If you’ve got something you’re working on, feel free to send it in.

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  1. xeracy says:

    “want more precision? write a bigger program!”

  2. Mhoriarty says:

    Subtitles? You mean subtleties? :P

  3. xorpunk says:

    why you’d want to do this is anyones guess..

  4. Mrguyorama says:

    The link to the “measuring pi” code example would be much appreciated. My friend told me about it years ago and I have been looking for it ever since

  5. Miroslav says:

    Meh. C is obfuscated enough as it is. i++;{} etc.

  6. derpa says:

    The International Obfuscated C Code Contest Competition? This is taking the whole ATM Machine deal to a new level.

  7. xorpunk says:

    STATIC bool func[char[4000]][char[4000](void){return *block;}

    This still makes no seems like a waste of time..

  8. CPCT says:
  9. nico says:

    STATIC Bool (*func[char[4000]][char[4000]])(void)
    return *block;

  10. nico says:

    STATIC Bool (*func[Char[4000]][Char[4000]])(void)
    return *block;

    // char *block with wise focus
    // char Char pareil

  11. Drone says:


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