Raspberry Pi enclosure turns it into a desktop PC

While you’re still waiting for your Raspberry Pi to be delivered, why not build an enclosure for it? This build comes from the fruitful workshop of [builttospec], and gives the Raspi a very nice case well-suited for being placed on your desktop.

Like most of [builttospec]‘s case builds, this enclosure was made on a laser cutter out of acrylic and features everything you would expect in a good Raspi enclosure. All the hardware ports are available, and there’s also a slot for a GPIO ribbon cable, perfect for connecting an enclosed Raspi to whatever hardware project you’re working on.

One thing we’re loving about [builttospec]‘s enclosure is the tasteful use of light pipes that funnel the light from the LED indicators on the Raspi to the surface of the case. Sure, they’re just a few bits of laser-cut polycarbonate, but its little touches like this that transform a good case build into a great one.

Files available on Thingiverse.


  1. SonicBroom says:

    Damn, that is one nice looking case! Too bad i’m in the UK. Shipping costs alone are more expensive than the parts :/

    • Kemp says:

      Me too. I would be buying several of them right now if shipping was a little lower.

    • Kemp says:

      Any idea if cooling would be an issue in one of these?

      • problemchild68 says:

        Nah the Raspberry Pi chips just get rather warm to touch.

        It’s barely noticeable through the our case for example:

      • problemchild68 says:

        Out of interest I see other people’s designs and I wonder how much notice people take of the fact that Acrylic sheet varies by quite a bit. I’ve been keeping tabs of the 200 or more sheets we’ve had come through over the last 3-4 weeks and it’s easily +/-10% if you don’t take this into your design you’ll find that some cases fit others break and yet others just fall apart.

  2. MobileWill says:

    Very nice! The one from adafruit is never in stock.

  3. b1r6m4n says:

    Beautiful :)

  4. jamen lang says:

    wow, that is perdy. anyone got a laser cutter?

  5. f15sim says:

    Yep. :) I may cut one and fill in the lettering with white crayon to make the text stand out more.

  6. jwrm22 says:

    All designs are open source, just send the files to pololu (just as example). I like to cut them myself, there are labs called Fablabs where everyone can use a laser cutter for free.

    Here in the Netherlands we have one in every major city. There is one 5 km from my home.

    I’ve cut the Adafruit Pi box. http://www.protospace.nl/fabmoments/raspberry-pi-case-schaakstukken-etc
    translated: http://translate.google.nl/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&layout=2&eotf=1&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.protospace.nl%2Ffabmoments%2Fraspberry-pi-case-schaakstukken-etc

  7. Xeracy says:

    bought a purple one ;)

  8. drkavnger99 says:

    I bought the black one. Great design and seems to be very functional. Finally something to put my pi into better than the cheapo plastic thing I have it in now.

  9. Rob says:

    That’s gorgeous!

  10. asdf says:

    An enclosure designed for intermittent use?

    Based on HaD’s previous temperature posts, I’m pretty certain this was designed to be an expensive miniature oven.

    Slick looking oven though.

    • Chris C. says:

      3.5W isn’t too hard to dissipate. I’d be surprised if it caused any problems.

      You can always add some ventilation holes with a drill. Better yet, add them to the design file if you’re having it cut yourself.

      Definitely a sexy enclosure.

  11. doronbc says:
  12. Blake Morgan says:

    Built-to-spec works out of a local hackerspace, and I picked up the translucent purple case last night, and put it together. It’s a sweet bit of kit! What’s not clear from the picture is that the ports are all etched with their respective names, including the light pipes.

  13. fightcube says:

    Very nice job with the light pipes.. however I think I’m going to get the case from adafruit: http://www.adafruit.com/products/859

  14. pootynanny says:

    this case looked great when it first came in the mail, but after a few days the brittleness of the material started to shine through. first a crack appeared on a bottom corner where a foot lives and it cameclean off, next a top corner on the opposite side came loose. i disassembled it to mke use of my superglue arsenal when a thin bit inside that holds a fastening nut showed a hairline crack in the light. a soft touch made that bit jump free and a choice was made to super glue this entire thing together as much as possible while still allowing me to remove the board.

    its a shame this good looking case is now covered in ugly superglue smudges…..

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