Guide to developing with the Stellaris Launchpad on a Linux box

So you picked up your very own Stellaris Launchpad, a TI ARM dev board which can be in your hands for just five bones. They do distribute several free IDEs which are not size-limited but perhaps you’re more of a text editor and command line sort of person. Well you’re in luck. There’s now a guide to show you how to code for and program the Stellaris Launchpad from a Linux box with using one of the IDEs.

There are two main things that are needed to accomplish this. The first is a cross-compiling toolchain for the ARM architecture; something that has been readily available for quite some time. The second is a way to talk to the in-built Stellaris programmer from a Linux machine. The hardware uses the ICDI protocol, and as we reported last week the lm4tools project can be used for this purpose. The guide also covers building the StellarisWare package. It’s not a requirement, but it makes using the peripherals much easier and provides names for the I/O pins, etc.

Our favorite for debugging microcontroller projects is OpenOCD. From this thread post it looks like there is now ICDI support in the development branch of the software if you don’t mind compiling from source.


  1. Peter says:

    Introductory price was introductory. Unless the conversion rate is $2.60 to one bone, this is misleading– current price $13.

  2. Hamster says:

    Perfect timing! My two boards turned up yesterday – in a Fed-Ex two-day delivery box from Fort Worth, TX to New Zealand.

    Freaking unbelievable!

  3. HRobotics says:

    It’s too bad TI canceled my preorder so I have to wait even longer (and had to pay full price).

    • anyone says:

      Hey I think that happened to me too. Do you know the details to wtf is going on? I’m getting pretty pissed hearing everybody got their board when I ordered mine the day of it was announced.

      I’m about to say FK YOU ti and start the planned project with another god damn platform.

      • Emerica says:

        Don’t feel too bad.
        I’m still waiting on the original launchpad to ship. Ya… like two YEARS ago.
        They wont reply to any mails about it and the order number has been recycled since. What?
        I did however get the new one today.
        If you order from TI and anything funky happens with your order, expect it to be lost and get on them asap via phone.

  4. Uwe Bonnes says:

    Anybody thinking about to release code based on the CMSIS style device header should think twice. . At least the file you get via contain nasty disclaimers The disclaimers only talk about ” object or executable versions only” and tells “You shall maintain the source code versions of the Licensed Materials”.

    So again, be warned!

  5. Uwe Bonnes says:

    Sorry, I dropped some words.Th last quote should be: “You shall maintain the source code versions of the Licensed Materials under password control protection”

  6. Glad all this stuff is coming available, will make it easier once I get it… They’re not shipping mine for another 2 weeks. :(

    • anyone says:

      I hear you man. All of these MFers from crazy places over the world getting theirs with 2day shipping, yet I’m in the same shipping zone of TI’s headquarters, ordered the day it was announced, and have to wait till nov 8.

      I’ll fcking remember this TI the next time I select components for a project at work…

  7. jc says:

    Mine still didn’t even ship.

  8. six677 says:

    Just checked order status on mine. Mine says payment unprocessed yet I was billed for it. Customer service will be getting a VERY angry email tommorow

  9. Waffles says:

    Mine won’t ship until december, and i placed the order a month ago today. Oh well, get what i pay for, or something like that.

  10. Adrian says:

    This is awesome, I was sticking to other development boards but now that there is a guide to doing this cli, I can finally test out the stellaris!

  11. Hamster says:

    I have just started to read the Stellaris documentation (

    I have just discovered that I have to make a huge investment if I am going to get the best out of these $4.99 boards.

    The datasheet for the chip is 1168 pages, the library guide another 518 pages, another 330 pages of ROM functions – there is 30 ROM functions just for using the GPIO pins!

    Compare that with the Raspberry Pi – it may not be anything like a decent micro-controller, but the only documentation I needed to get started was how to ‘dd’ the boot image onto a SD card…

    So it is tough call time – do I even bother to open the box at all, or just put them in the bottom draw?

  12. MaxHeadroom says:

    Can the Raspberry Pi toolchain be used with the Stellaris Launchpad along with the lm4tools project?

  13. AmosSam says:

    FYI, this guide for lm4tools is working also on OSX 10.8, with just few minors changes. Next on is gdb on OSX…. :-D

  14. martytoof says:

    Newark actually has these for six dollars or so apiece, but isn’t expecting any stock until mid November. I’ve got two on order from TI that aren’t scheduled to ship until 12/17, so I’ll pick up one from Newark and have a few units to play with.

    I’m really excited to read all these updates because my preferred dev environment is my Mac, however I’m going to try to get everything working in combination with Eclipse CDT. Curious to hear whether anyone has given this a try yet!

    • AmosSam says:

      first, sorry for reporting your comment martytoof, wrong link clicked! :-(

      I’m also working in Eclipse, so that is my final goal with this, but I’ll first try to setup gdb and then to setup Eclipse… I’ll post to my blog any attempts made…

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