A very dash-ing iPad mini


The work which [Mark] did to mount this iPad mini in the dashboard of his Ford truck is commendable. It looks like it came from the factory this way, and the functionality matches that illusion.

He actually started the project before he had the iPad mini on hand. A PDF that mapped out the exact dimensions was used as a template for the layout and alteration. He took the stereo controls out of the original faceplate. That opening was made to fit the screen by cutting, adding putty, then sanding and finishing.

Since the bezel won’t let [Mark] get at any of the buttons on the iPad itself he picked up an external home button on eBay and mounted it just to the left of the screen. Inside the dashboard a docking connector is responsible for powering the tablet and connecting it to the sound system. There’s even a WiFi connection thanks to the MiFi system he mounted in the overhead console.


  1. Rob Tullis says:

    Would be really nice to read the original article without having to sign up for it… Looks like a really nice build looking at the posted pic though.

  2. Niek B says:

    Very punny title guys

  3. jh says:

    link worked for me. No sign-up required to read the thread.

  4. EdB says:

    Any clues how to wire up an external Home button as shown?

    • allan says:

      I think it isn’t wired up, but just mechanically extending the “real” one?

      • EdB says:

        Yeah, I thought of that same thing later.

        Anyone ever looked into the possibility of wiring something up through the headphone jack since the EarPods have the ability to trigger Siri, trigger the camera shutter, etc.? Just curious for some other projects and ideas rolling around in my head – Google came up empty, for me at least.

  5. BlaiddDrwrg says:
  6. Stu says:

    I don’t want to be a party pooper here, but what’s it really for? A bit of restrictively angled web browsing on the move? A bit of overly difficult Angry Birds gaming?
    How does he give it reboots or power downs if the power button isn’t available?
    A reasonable idea, but it’s just a bit restrictive – I just pop my Nexus 7 in front under the stereo and do navigation occasionally – oh, and I can take it with me when it’s done nav duties.
    Especially at this time of year, there’s a real danger of temperature related damage from expansion and contraction, moisture intake, screen clouding, etc. Imagine the regular temp changes outside from the middle of the night thru to warming it up for the morning drive, back cold again, warming up again for the evening drive, then overnight again.
    I give it, maybe two years life.

    • kaidenshi says:

      “I give it, maybe two years life.”

      Well it’s an Apple device, so naturally he will have upgraded to the iPad Mini 2 and Mini 3 by then. Who needs longevity when you have a forced obsolescence release model?

    • pencilneck says:

      More poop on the party… a touch screen sucks when you are driving because it requires you to take your eyes off the road to see where you touching on the screen. I had the wonderful misfortune of getting a rental Toyota Pirus that had this issue (utter crap car).

      Say what you will about buttons, knobs and dials… you can feel them with your hands and keep your eyes on the road where they belong.

  7. macegr says:

    Oh, to live in a place with low street crime….

  8. Rachie says:

    Good luck using it with gloves.

  9. jose says:

    what a bunch of haters

  10. pcf11 says:

    People should quit playing with electronic devices when they’re behind the wheel and drive. That seems challenging enough for most of them.

  11. sh says:

    Very clean install. Super impressive. Love that you have added on to the functions of the truck without really taking much away. The thread looks like the iPad is removable but I’d personally probably just want to leave it in permenantly. I saw others that were relocating the original radio buttons below (although they aren’t required) which was pretty cool. Innovative. Sort of makes me wish that I hadn’t gotten the navigation in my own F150.

  12. fprex scam says:

    Felix Homogratus, Dimitri Chavkerov Rules! You pay us we post good about us!

  13. Jeremiah says:

    Very awesome. I would like to see some instructions on how this was done because I have been wanting to install one of these in my car for a long time.

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