A Gamecube And N64 Console Mashup


[Hailrazer] over on the Made by Bacteria forums was a bit tired of all his consoles cluttering up the space underneath his TV. No worries, though, because it’s actually fairly easy to combine a Gamecube and an N64 into one system that looks very professional.

While [Hailrazer]’s Gamecube was left reasonably complete, not including the addition of a mod chip and SD card to hold Gamecube disk images, the N64 portion of the build required quite a bit of hardware hacking. After finding a Game Boy Advance player for a Gamecube – a neat hardware add-on that allows you to play GBA games on a Game Cube – [Hailrazer] thought he found the perfect enclosure for an N64 case mod.

The guts of the GBA player were thrown out and the guts of an N64 were carefully filed down to fit inside their new home. An Everdrive 64 holds almost every US N64 release on an SD card, making access to the cartridge port unnecessary.

A switch on the side of the Gamecube toggles the video and audio output between the Gamecube and N64. It’s a neat little setup, and packs two consoles into the space of the tiny Gamecube.

4 thoughts on “A Gamecube And N64 Console Mashup

    1. I have 2 64Drives and 2 Everdrive64. It wan’t about “cutting” corners or a budget. With the newest updates on the Everdrive they are virtually identical. But the 64Drive is thicker and wouldn’t fit. The Everdrive did.

  1. Nice work indeed, and well done for getting onto Hack-A-Day.

    Work is very neat and in keeping in appearance with the GameCube, a work of art.

    “Fairly easy” (to quote) is relative; it would have taken a lot of time and effort to make this system, but the result is worth it.

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