Video phone Arduino shield


We’ve seen Arduino-powered Twitter machines, and even some that can send text messages, but how about one that’s a video phone? That’s what the guys over at Cooking Hacks put together with their very impressive 3G Arduino shield.

On board the shield is an internal GPS receiver, microphone, speaker, 3G module, and a camera sensor with VGA resolution. The 3G module is able to act as a 3G modem via a USB connection, allowing any computer to take advantage of wireless Internet with a SIM card.

While in their tutorial the guys use a terminal running on their computer to send AT commands to place a call, it’s possible to simply put all that info in a sketch making for a small, battery-powered video link straight to your cell phone. Seems like the perfect piece of hardware for a wireless, 3G-enabled video feed for a robot. You can check out the video from their tutorial after the break.


  1. randomdude says:

    lol 180 quid for a GPRS shield ?? sorry guys but I’ll stick to using a cheapo (90 pounds) android phone to do the same and more

    any android phone these days is a gprs/gps/bluetooth/wifi/gyrospcope/SD card/mp3/camera/colour LCD & touch screen shield in ONE and it costs less than most wifi shields

  2. I bought one of these kits a while ago, had a hell of a time getting it to work and then it stopped working altogether, so beware.

    • Hayzam says:

      The people of have copied the cooking-hacks design, the documentation and code examples are the same!!! Even the code comments are identical…!!! The 3G shield of cooking hacks works properly, maybe something complicated for beginners, but with a very good support and documentation.

  3. Mengineer says: has had that shield for awhile now, made by linksprite. It’s only $99 US but you need external antennas. If you need a cell & or gps connection it’s the best value considering everything that’s on it, it’s 3G too.

  4. Joki_doki says:

    I’ve used the linksprite module ( and it works very poorly. It is a bad copy.
    I finally had to use the CH 3G module. Cooking-Hacks have an excellent service and support.

  5. Juan Andres says:

    I bought one of the showed in the video and it works perfect! Now it is time to test the video call… Thanks Brian!

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