Already impressive Wolverine claws now energized with high voltage


A few years back [James] built an utterly amazing set of Wolverine replica claws. They are held together by a bar that laces between his fingers so that when he’s gripping it you don’t see anything but the claws. Add to that the tail design which makes it look like they’re actually coming out of his skin and he’s made an amazing replica. But they’re also rather utilitarian as you can see in the demo/how-it-was-done video where he spears hay bails as they’re thrown at him from off camera. Machine shop fans are going to love learning how these were made.

More recently he decided to update the project after seeing our own Thor’s Hammer offering. He got down to business by salvaging a huge transformer from an old oil furnace. He has no idea what kind of voltage this thing puts out, but that doesn’t stop him from wiring it up to the pair of claws and letting the sparks fly. He even creates a Jacob’s Ladder effect by placing the claws at a narrow angle to each other.


  1. Eirinn says:

    Aren’t they all metal though? You wouldn’t be able to “use” them electrified.

    • Sparhawk817 says:

      electrical tape because obviously he’s a badass. and doesn’t need real protection. or just leather gloves…

      • juice'n it says:

        The electricity part seems dangerous. If you consider than an arm to arm shock can go through the heart, it doesn’t take much to cause a v-fib, etc. Many of us have taken such shocks, but it only takes one time, etc.

  2. aampudia says:

    now… these claws are a good reason for magnetic dermal implants… not those “smartwatches” hehehehe

  3. borgar says:

    plating it with an allergen its very common to react to?

    looks pretty damn good though!

    • g2-8065e1dc9cba726dcc9b5201ae2ccdc8 says:

      Well since I’m not allergic to nickle, and they’re my claws… I don’t see a problem!

      I liked the finish nickle gave too, I think chrome might of been a bit too much…

  4. tjbaudio says:

    That transformer behaves the same as 2 I have. Both are rated at 10KV. I think most Etape is good to about 600V per layer. However I would not trust them on my hands becasue the path would be directly threw the heart.

    • James says:

      Precisely why I wasn’t holding both sides. I am tempted to try and find proper high voltage insulated gloves to actually wear them, but whether or not that ever happens I don’t know…

      • Jack says:

        Don’t try it. We’d rather have you alive.

        • i like the idea, you just need to lower your voltage down to something handle-able. as you all likely are aware, its not the volts that kill you, its the amps. so keep your amps super low and volts low enough to only buzz you if you get shocked and it should be fine. as for electrical tape…….. i didn’t know that a layer could take 600v. but i would just include a circuit breaker between you and the current with a few small diodes and a fuse. remember, these are for effect only as i understand, for something that would actually kill or stun at the least, you may want alternative measures.

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