Building a blinky infinity mirror

This infinity mirror prototype is small enough to test out the theory before committing to the full project. And the full project that [Kevin] and [Edward] have in mind is a huge infinity portal that they will showcase at this year’s Alchemy festival.

It’s called an infinity mirror because it has the illusion of being much deeper than the physical enclosure. The trick is accomplished by placing two mirrors parallel to each other with a light source in between. One of the mirrors is two-way, letting a portion of the light pass through to the viewer rather than reflecting it.

The video demo of the prototype shows that it’s just a 2×4 wooden frame which holds both mirrors. In between is an LED string. The nice thing about the prototype is that adding a bit of tempered glass on top will make it an infinity bar top for the Hackerspace.

Another mirror trick you might incorporate in your own projects is adding an LED display behind the glass.

13 thoughts on “Building a blinky infinity mirror

    1. That depends on what you do for a living. I work on VB.Net apps that connect to MS Access databases. The soundtrack for my workday is stuff like Suffocation or Impaled Nazarene.

  1. What is a good place or way to get a 2 way mirror. They used window tint, but mentioned it was very difficult to get right.

    1. Ebay has a pretty decent selection of various tints for various prices. I knew a lady that made birdhouses with the stuff and she got it at a local craft store.

  2. How about an oval shaped one and use blue and orange LED strips to make it appear like a portal from Portal. Then place it on different rooms.

  3. Use three independent LED strings and one could make a “moving” lights effect. Synchronize the strings’ patterns and have an infinity LED swirly.

  4. Hmmmm how about a potential stealth system based on that design o_O now that would be freaking awesome :D

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