Printing an Aston Martin DB4


With 3D printers finding their way into the workshops of makers the world over, it was bound to happen sooner or later. [Ivan Sentch] is making an Aston Martin DB4 with a 3D printer.

Before we board the hype train, let’s go over what this is project is not: [Ivan] isn’t making any metal parts with his 3D printer, and the chassis and engine will be taken from a donor car. Also, the printed plastic parts won’t actually make their way into the final build; the 3D printed body panels will be used to pull the final panels in fiberglass. That being said, it’s still an impressive undertaking that’s going to cost [Ivan] $2250 NZD in plastic alone.

[Ivan]‘s body panels are made by taking a DB4 model in Solidworks, slicing it up into 105mm squares, giving each square extruded sides, and finally securing them to the wooden form after the parts are printed. There’s still an awful lot of work to be done once the 3D printed parts are all glued together, but it’s still an amazingly impressive – and cheap – way to create a replica of a very famous automobile.


  1. camerin says:

    lol his site was having problems yesterday… I think we may kill it.

  2. henry says:

    I’m surprised he didn’t just use CAD to design the panels, break them into one inch strips, cut them out in foam, then glue all together.

  3. Cowski says:

    HAD the killer of small sites.

  4. JulsPower says:

    what about the weight?

  5. pcf11 says:

    There was a plastic shell car in the 70s called a Bricklin.

    I’m just saying, old idea.

  6. rafal says:

    Since now making fake Ferraris out of old MR2s will be much easier ;D

  7. baordog says:

    Actually he made it with a Solidoodle.

  8. cameirn says:

    I did some reading, apparently he purchased the model from here

  9. Mental2k says:

    Ah been fantasising about building a ferrari 250TR using this technique and adapting some readily available chassis designs to fit the body and having one hell of a cool car.

  10. Fallingwater says:

    One step closer to Diamond Age’s matter compilers. Still a long way to go, but anything that gets us closer is good.

  11. Any estimates of how much this would cost from Shapeways?

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