75 Controllers, One Gaming System

Multi Video Games System

This gaming cabinet lets two players select games from a wide array of consoles and play them using the original controllers. [Patrice] built it around his Multi Video Games System 2, which converts each of the 75 controllers to a common format. Players pick controllers from the display case, plug in an  HD-15 connector, and choose the game they want to play. The cabinet contains a PC that runs a variety of emulators, and uses HyperSpin as a menu system.

Using adapters, the converted controllers can also be used on other game systems, tablets, or smartphones. [Patrice] claims that they’ll work across 110 different game systems. A full list of the controllers and systems is shown here.

This cabinet is definitely one of the most comprehensive video game installations we’ve seen, and the display case of controllers looks fantastic. Check out a video of the system and some controller porn after the break.

Lots of Controllers


  1. DanAdamKOF says:

    Some obscure controllers in the above photo! I bet most of you didn’t know the Super Game Boy had a special controller for it (third from bottom of the leftmost column).

  2. bty says:

    Those are DB25 connectors, I’ve never heard of a HD-25 connector..

  3. BPop says:

    Does anyone know what emulator software was being used?

  4. Myspacee says:

    Find more interesting white cabinet design… Can’t find info anywhere, someone know where i can find some ?

    Thank you

  5. Jon says:

    Now what would be really impressive is having it auto switch to the system menu and choices based on what controller was plugged in.

  6. What an awesome set up!

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