Blender CAM – Open Source CAM Software


[Vilem] sent in a tip about a plugin he’s been working on for Blender, called Blender CAM. It allows for exporting directly from Blender to a G-code file. He has been working on it for several months, and releasing regular updates with various tweaks and improvements. While the project isn’t complete, [Vilem] has made some very impressive progress. It currently supports 2D and 3D strategies, various cutter types, simulation of 3D operations, and even automatic bridges.

The image above was made using the plugin, and it shows the level of detail possible. We can’t wait to see the 4 and 5-axis support that he is planning on adding.

A basic tutorial video is embedded after the break. As with anything Blender-related, it isn’t incredibly automatic, but another free tool is definitely a good thing. It looks like [Vilem] is looking for some other developers who could help out. If you have the knowledge, you might consider contributing.

13 thoughts on “Blender CAM – Open Source CAM Software

  1. I have used Blender for about 5 years (I used alpha builds a lot). I’ve owned a CNC machine for 2. BlenderCam crashes a lot and is really slow. It has promise but it’s not working for production. I hope the best for it, but it’s not prime time yet.

      1. Good luck on 5 axis. Even the expensive stuff like the Seimens NX we use at work is not a simple task to configure. I’m not going to hold my breath.

    1. If you have trouble setting things up, just come to the forum. Yes, it is slower than commercial packages, but it’s much faster than other open source programs, especially with high poly models. sincerely, the dev.

  2. He’s looking for a 4-5 axis machine so that he can start work on it. What he’s got already looks more intuitive than some of the commercial cam software out there.

  3. What’s with the audio on that vid? I think he should focus on fixing that, and only then continue developing the plugin.

    1. Quark would be very disappointed in you.

      Rule of Acquisition # 248: If it looks, like a plank of wood and feels like a plank of wood, it’s probably odo.

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