Commodore 64 Power Glove Is So Bad


The Nintendo Power Glove was terrible. Really, really terrible. Thanks to modern components, though, it’s possible to recreate the Power Glove experience in a way that doesn’t suck so much. That’s what [Leif] did with his motion sensing glove for the Commodore 64.

Instead of rolling his own IMU and putting it in a glove, [Leif] is using SonicWear SoMo, a glove originally designed to generate MIDI data for performance pieces. Inside this glove is a 9 DOF gyro/accelerometer/magnetometer, uC, battery, and XBee that can be easily reprogrammed to do something a little more (or less) useful than simply sending MIDI notes and commands.

[Leif] reprogrammed the XBees to use I/O line passing instead of sending serial data, and connected the recieving XBee to the C64 joystick port through a very simple circuit with a hex inverter.

All the code to turn a SonicWear glove into a C64 controller is available on the Github, and there’s a neat demo video of [Leif] demoing his glove at the VCF Midwest late last month.


  1. icanhazadd says:

    “All the code to turn a SonicWear glove into a C64 is available on the Github”
    Brian, did you mean a C64 controller?

  2. Hirudinea says:

    Now that’s a good hand job… wait, what!?

  3. Mark says:

    The reference for those not old enough to remember.

  4. Ren says:

    Darth Maul has a Commodore 64?

  5. pcf11 says:

    Thanks for the laugh. This site does have its moments at times.

  6. Jonathan Herr says:

    I have got all you guys beat.. I was physically THERE at the place that device was demoed at and SAW it in person. It was demoed at ECCC 2013/VCFMW 8, and honestly, its a great place if you are into retro computer hardware!

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