A Raspberry Pi Arcade Stick


There are plenty of Raspberry Pi arcade builds out there, but rarely do we come across something as sleek as [Jochen Zurborg's] RasPi Arcade Stick. The build combines everything you’d expect from other RasPi arcade projects, but manages to pack everything into the form factor of a portable stick modeled on the Neo Geo 4’s button layout. It may not be as small as the tiny MAME cabinet from last year, but it definitely delivers a more authentic arcade experience.

[Jochen] had previously developed an add-on PCB for the Pi called the PiJamma, which simplifies connections from the RasPi’s GPIOs by providing a JAMMA interface for the controller(s). The Pi and the PiJamma sit inside a custom-made acrylic enclosure and hook up to the buttons and joystick above. Rather than try to fit the Pi directly against a side panel for access to the various outputs, [Jochen] rerouted the USB, HDMI, and headphone jacks and arranged them into a tidy row on the back side of the box. The top piece of the enclosure consists of a sheet of aluminum wrapped in custom artwork, with an additional sheet of acrylic on top for protection. [Jochen] also modified each of the arcade buttons to include LEDs that illuminate the buttons’ acrylic holder, and the case itself appears to have been cut into slats on each side to provide better ventilation.

Check out his project blog for further details and for a huge gallery of progress photos, then see a quick video of the RasPi Arcade Stick after the break.


  1. Flame Soulis says:

    That looks amazing! Well made!

  2. reggie says:

    for 129euro it should look well made, this isn’t a hack, this is someone trying to gouge pockets. 20 euros for a joystick, 2euros each for the buttons, that leaves around 100euros for the plastic and a pi. Not cool.

    • Gravis says:

      seems like a good opportunity to take one, scan the layers of parts and make files so you can laser cut your own. :)

      arcade stuff is always unnecessarily expensive like RC cars.

  3. Nice!

    I actually made one awhile back (it was on Hackaday when Caleb came to visit our space) I just never got around to the code, I had everything hooked up to GPIO directly.


  4. Reggie says:

    it really shouldn’t need any code, just hook into the gpio-keys driver :-)

  5. Omnigear says:

    Can you make the Pi work for the Xbox or Playstaion?

  6. Gary Young says:

    I don’t even care about the JAMMA, I just want that case.

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