Pi-Powered Radio Over IP


[KP4TR] connected a Raspberry Pi to a small, cheap handheld radio, allowing anyone within a few miles of his house to connect to amateur radio operators all around the world.

For the hardware, [KP4TR] is using a Raspi, a Baofeng BF-888s 400MHz – 470MHz walkie-talkie radio, a USB sound card, and a pair of transformers for the 5V and 3.7V lines. All this is tucked away in a remakably vintage-looking plate and standoff enclosure, complete with acorn nuts and an RGB LED connected to the Raspi’s GPIO to indicate whether the radio is transmitting or receiving.

The software used is SVXLink, a Linux port of the Echolink software. This app allows hams the world over to connect to very distant radios over the Internet.

You can check out the video demos of the system below.

7 thoughts on “Pi-Powered Radio Over IP

  1. Vintage would have it in a Bud box or something made of plastic. An enclosure, not a patio with a roof.. Acorn nuts alone don’t do it. Plexiglass cancels all.

  2. This is awesome, I need to do something similar, as I’ve got some Baofeng radios and a Raspberry Pi lying around doing nothing…

  3. Or you could just get on one of the many IP radio station sites which include your local HAM repeaters… That’s what I’ve been doing for years…

  4. I love svxlink, however it’s not an echolink port. Qtel (that it comes with) is a port however.

    SVXLink is actually a software based repeater controller, with an echolink plugin.

  5. Hello, I sell these nodes for $300. In parts alone it goes for around $150. Not sure where $70 came from. Please correct. Thanks!

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