Sci-Fi Contest Prizes Make You Drool Like a Rancor


It’s been awhile since we hosted a contest, now is the time to up our game. You have a few weeks to come up with the best Sci-Fi themed hack. We’ve amassed a number of prizes well worth fighting for, and the challenge will be won by a combination of clever, collaborative, and open. The booty includes rad (yeah, we said it) tools like Oscilloscopes, Logic Sniffers, Solder Stations, and Dev Boards, as well as themed offerings like classic Sci-Fi films and tchotchkes from our favorite fictional universes.

Yesterday we announced that Hackaday Projects is open for public registration and now we’re taking the new site for a spin. Previous contests like the Trinket and Fubarino versions became unwieldy for the Hackaday crew just because of the sheer volume of entries. The new interface will make it much easier. We also want to test out the collaborative features so one of the requirements for entry is to participate as a team. The winners will be picked based on how well the project is documented, how open (as in software and hardware) it is, how it fits the theme, and on how well the team worked together.

The contest starts right now and ends at 12:00:00am Pacific time (we know a lot of you like to push deadlines) on April 29th, 2014. Head over to the contest page to see all of the details. Let the games begin!

[Official Contest Page]

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  1. Ignas says:


  2. Liam Jackson says:

    What are the most popular Sci-fi cars (with wheels)?

    I have a project that crying out to be a Sci-fi car but can’t think of any good ones to do!

  3. juno says:

    “Work as a team; this means adding at least 1 other person to your project as a collaborator”


    • justice099 says:

      That part is going to suck for me as well. But the goal of the contest is to test out the collaboration features, so *shrug.*

      My question is can the collaboration be with someone locally, or do they also have to be a member of HackaDay projects?

    • Blind Man says:

      I also dislike this.

    • tekkieneet says:

      This sounds hard especially for hardware project than a software/firmware/FPGA project. It takes a lot more effort to duplicate/sync up what the other person has done if they are near each other(s).

      The only exception is that each of the members are only making completely independent blocks and don’t need the other pieces until the very end. That would need a lot of planning ahead which I would see as a welcome change here.

      • Ren says:

        Or one guy does the hardware design, another the firmware, another PCB layout and yet another guy does software testing.

      • tekkieneet says:

        Have fun mailing the hardware around to nail down software/firmware/hardware bugs that cannot be duplicated if the person doing that part does not know enough of the other member’s work. This has too much overhead and not a whole lot of working in parallel until each member’s work is done.

        Not feasible unless the project only involves buying pre-populated boards such as Arduino + shield(s) and sprinkle a few wires on a breadboard projects and write a few “scripts”.

        • Ben Delarre says:

          @tekkieneet – so I guess then all the work that’s coming out of the Mooltipass project is completely faked is it?

          Prime example right there for a distributed team of people, brought together by this community, that are actually achieving something.

  4. Figureitout says:

    What?! Social interaction involved…lol. How about just gimme that ‘scope and logic sniffer, I’ll make it worth your while :p

  5. Wow. So required collaboration… So that means each member of the team wins his/her own swag? (And am I to assume that swag only comes one to a body for the DID enhanced?)

    Otherwise, the devious might banish the other members to some interdimensional place in order to have the rad swag all to themselves… Lacking the ability to push a coworker in a interdimensional portal, I’d hate to have to cut an oscilloscope in half…

    I say we all join the same team and only make one thing… ; )

    • Ren says:

      In honor of your suggestion, I propose we make an Arduino with a OneShot multivibrator output, (on a quiet night night you can hear the keyboards click “I can do that with a 555!”)

  6. andarb says:

    I wanted to figure out a way to make a Trek (TNG or Voyager) communicator badge with the battery and sound all integrated in the badge.

    But I didn’t have the budget to screw with it. I’m sure someone can do it with a miniscule microcontroller.

  7. shlonkin says:

    Oh, how I would love to enter this. There are so many great ideas running through my head. Alas, I am located thousands of km from any friends, collaborators, or people who share both my language and hobby. Collaborating via email could work for software or designing.
    I guess isolated hackeradayers like myself have to rely on that stack that keeps getting mentioned.

  8. Dyson says:

    There is an E on Plus in the first paragraph. “Pluse you don’t even need to win…”. Just letting you know.

  9. aaronsnoswell says:

    I am certainly drooling over the prizes!

  10. DosX says:

    Sigh, decides to sit and just watch….hopefully all projects/attempts get some mention. Even the fails that way someone else might discover the errors that led to failure and maybe correct them.

    I say good luck to all who attempt this……..*TeamWork* thing.

  11. For all those wishing they had a partner to cooperate with, I’ll be happy to be the guy who talked to the pretty girl at the next table the whole time while you did all the real work…Though if it’s truly stupendous enough to do a kickstart, I’ll need an office and a brass plaque that says “Irresponsible Parasite” on the door…. ; )

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