Trinket Contest Winners


Originally Adafruit offered us 20 boards to give away. But when we had so many interesting submissions they were kind enough to throw in some more. We took them up on it, eventually choosing 41 winners… and believe us when we say it was difficult to whittle it down to that number! Thank you to all who took the time and made the effort to send something in.

Organizationally it’s been a challenge keeping all of the submissions straight. That’s why the presentation of the top entries is listed as a set of galleries. More info on each is available on their associated update posts. Congratulations to all! We want to do more giveaways in this same spirit (with different prize hardware and submission themes each time). If you’re interested in that please let us leave your words of encouragement in the comments.

From Update #1

From Update #2

From Update #3

From Update #4

From Update #5

From Update #6

From Update #7


  1. zuul says:

    wow 41 winners, thanks hackaday and adafruit

  2. atomkemp says:

    Super cool! Thank you Hackaday and Adafruit, this contest was a blast!

  3. dave says:

    They like me. They really like me. Seriously, this was a fun contest to take part in. Please do more.

  4. Xeracy says:

    aside from my entry, i think it was the spray-on ass tattoo that put me over the edge!

  5. Kyle says:

    I really liked taking part in the contest. It was the reason for me to send in my fist submission, and a great reason to spend the afternoon pushing what I can do with the equipment I have at hand.

  6. uc says:

    I really liked watching this contest. I was too preoccupied to participate. Next time.

    congrats to the winners!

  7. Physics_Dude says:

    I’ve been a lurker for years and still had fun in the contest (I was the RepRapPro Huxley/Post-it note pen-plotter).

  8. mikeneiderhauser says:

    Awesome! Thanks Hackaday and Adafruit!

  9. Chris says:

    Diggin the Exchange LED Sign. Very Nice!

    Thanks HackADay and Adafruit! WOw! 41 Trinkets. That is super generous!

  10. Patrick says:

    My hand-etched mouse did not win, then?

    Ahhh now I will have to wait for the next contest!

    • miharix says:

      Patrick my skull+real wrenches did’t win also, bu hell it was published on famous HAD!
      I think that is great price also :)

    • sjheiss says:

      I saw that one, and really think you should’ve won one. Sure it wasn’t the prettiest, but you did something great with the limited resources you have. If anything you should’ve won several, since you could probably use them more than people with obviously hundreds or thousands of dollars to spare on fancy machines. :P

  11. Dave says:

    Great contest. If you ever run a contest again (and I hope you do), please give enough time in advance! :)

  12. Ben says:

    loved it, Thanks!

  13. Carl Burks says:

    It was fun just participating. I guess I can always just buy a Trinket.

  14. ginsublade says:

    Thanks hackaday that’s awesome!!!

  15. Aaron M. says:

    Awesome! My stupid little HaD pumpkin made it! Thanks HaD and Adafruit! There were so many awesome and clever entries. You guys have some awesome tools!

  16. My Laser etched wallet made the cut, yay! I have no clue what im going the use the trinket for…

  17. Chad says:

    Contests for HaD stickers/shirts are always fun. Also now that I’ve won a Trinket, I’ve got to find something to use it on! So, trinket contest anyone? ;-)

  18. Jim says:

    A big thank you to Adafruit and Hackaday!! I just got a email that says the Trinket board was shipped to me.

  19. andrewjhull says:

    I think we should do a follow up… “What I used my trinket for…” not necessarily restricted to just the winners of this contest of course, but given the level of creativity shown here, I suspect the winners offerings would be well worth seeing…

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