Developed On Hackaday: Beta Testers And Automated Testing

Mooltipass with Holder

At Hackaday we believe that your encrypted vault containing your credentials shouldn’t be on a device running several (untrusted) applications at the same time. This is why many contributors and beta testers from all over the globe are currently working on an offline password keeper, aka the Mooltipass.

Today we’re more than happy to report that all of our 20 beta testers started actively testing our device as they received the v0.1 hex file from the development team. Some of them had actually already started a few days before, as they didn’t mind compiling our source files located on our github repository and using our graphics generation tools. We are therefore expecting (hopefully not) many bug reports and ways to improve our device. To automatize website compatibility testing, our beta tester [Erik] even developed a java based tool that will automatically report non-working pages found inside a user generated list. You may head here to watch a demonstration video.


  1. iiogjio says:

    Memorizing 3 passwords (bank account, e-mail and steam) is not hard nor requires a piece of plastic with blue leds.

  2. Dhs says:

    I don’t understand why there needs to be a card. I’d prefer just the mooltipass box in a smaller form factor.

    • Size is a compromise between transportability and user friendliness.
      As the Mooltipass is intended for many different users we decided to opt for a normal-sized OLED screen providing a good readability and therefore a better user experience. The device also includes Arduino headers that will allow any Arduino shield to be connected to it. Hence, we made the Mooltipass as small as possible while keeping its great features.

    • Nocturnal says:

      As I understand it, the smart card stores the encryption keys. No smart card, no password decryption. So, in theory, you can take the card away with you, leaving the box behind, and no-one else can use it to get at you accounts.

  3. dave says:


  4. patrick says:

    Have you tested this to verify if it is affected by the “BadUSB”, see as this is a USB connected device?

  5. Engineer says:

    I can’t wait until it’s finished testing, I sorely need one of these. Because I have 3 different computers, work, play, and home office my saved passwords are not always available to me. That and each computer has a specific function. I can’t wait!

  6. logan says:

    Interesting product, how does it handle those random “skipping characters” password challenge? At least two banks I have account are asking for this type of password.

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