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using a standard ata/ide hard drive (up to 120 gb) and a tools like hdloader and hdadvance you can copy all your playstation games to the drive, which makes them load faster and will cut down on wear-n-tear on the discs. just make sure you’re just doing this with the games you own.

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  1. i have a 120GB hdd and installed it to my ps2, but the ps2 is not recognizing it, i also have hd avdvance v3.0 and obviously if my ps2 doesn’t recognize the hdd than i can’t use hd advance. Help me out, i have read before that if the hdd doesn’t work then i need to get a new hdd or a new network adapter. How do I make the hdd work without having to purchase anything new, i would like to try this in a friends house but none of my friends have network adapters.


  2. IM CURIOUS TO WHAT THE STEPS ARE in fromatting the hd to the ps2 required format. are there any alternatives to hdloader or hd advance? can you also give a me a step by step process to getting everything to work properly on the fatboy ps2 with a store bought 80gig HD including what programs i will need and how to set them up. This WOULD REALLY HELP me out. Thanks in advance. My email adress is Title the email PS2 HDD please. Thanks

  3. i have several questions…can i use a hard drive with out a network adapter and can i play the games and saved games off the harddrive…can i use a portable USB hard drive on my PS2 thank u,

  4. Hi. I heard that just like there is Swap Magic to play PS2 games without having to install a mod chip there was also a boot-cd that you could use to play games on the PSX. I don’t know the name of it nor if it is still comercialized but i think that it would work on the PS2, at least on the slim one since you can open the lid without the PS2 detecting it. Does anybody know anything about this?

  5. Hi,

    I am using PS2. By the request of me my vendor attached a hard drive with that. He loaded all the games in my HDD. I want to copy that all the games into another HDD by the help of computer.
    Can you please tell me how it is possible?
    Is it like a copy from one HDD to another or is there any different way to do this.

  6. Hi all,

    Just to let you know HD-Loader patched 0.8 from sks-apps. will work with 500 gig HDD.
    Best to use a Maxstor Drive since your ps2 network adapter power & IDE connectors will slide right in.

    So Long…

  7. I have successfully installed images into the hard disk using winhiip. I created the images using dvddecrypter. During copying of image into hard disk, there is “MODE1, MODE2 and MODE3” that can be highlighted. Which ones should I choose? I have tried using 1, 2 and 3 by itself, combination of 1,2,3. The games still does not play on the PS2 unit. It is recognized that the file/game is already in the hard disk because it lists it upon loading the HDL, but when you press to play, just blank screen on tv. What do you think is the problem?

  8. Okay seriously ppl.. this is simple –>

    Step 1: Get 1 PS2 Network Adapter – Get 1 IDE HDD (Make sure it fits the network adapter) – Get 1 HD Loader PS2 Software (Very cheap)

    Step 2 – Copying the Game Over: Okay you have 2 choices here…. the first one is to put the hard drive in the back of the PS2 where it has the plate you can remove, you connect the hard drive to the network adapter and slide it in there and connect it… Then you pop in the HD Loader… It will probably have a user agreement, and ask you if you would like to format it… Click yes for both.. then you go over to add game, you type in the name,then it tells you to take out the hd loader disk and pop in the game disk, and it copies over… this takes a long process.. about an hour to an hour and a half.. depending on the game size (there is also a problem, make sure your using a non gold sided disk, this means multi layers, and it only reads the one layer)

    Now there is a second method – Copying with pc.. and this works for multi layered, and also is alot FASTER!!!!

    Buy a USB Enclose (10-25$ Max) make sure it supports IDE hard drives) Pop in your hard drive… plug that in… Then search google for a program called WinHiip (pc version of HD loader) Then download or create a iso of the game you wanna copy using DVD Decrypter (Freeware). After that open up winhiip (its a zip file, and no installation needed) select your drive it should say Drive 1 (PS2) and the main drive should say Drive 0 (PC) (for it to be a ps2 drive it has to been in the PS2 and use HD Loader cause it makes it a special drive) Then you want to select add image, which you don’t even have to make an ISO but it is faster then doing it straite from the drive… then after you select the ISO file click start, then you get to name it after you click start.. just like you would with HD Loader on the PS2… it takes like 2 minutes to copy over. Remove the hard drive from the USB enclosure and pop it into the ps2 and load up HD Loader..

    I’m telling you… use the second copying method… SO MUCH FASTER!!! and that way you can play games you downloaded without ever having to mod your ps2.. or ever waste a Blank DVD…

    I downloaded the WHOLE Dot Hack Series ( 7 Games) and they all worked fine… since they were all ISO files..

    If you would like me to explain it better… email me at (PREFERED)


  9. I re-partitioned my PS2 40 GB HDD for my PC and now it no longer works in my PS2. Is there a way to take the HDD and change it back? I, also, would like step by step instructions on copying PSOne/PS2 games to the PS2 HDD to play. Believe it or not, it could actually save me from owing out a lotta money to some people. Reply @ It will be VERY appreciative.

  10. Its an IDE hard drive, there are two ways of installing it through your computer. Internally as a secondary/slave (don’t forget to switch the dip to slave if you go that route) or a $10 usb to HDD cord. Which I wouldn’t recommend using with a usb 1.1 port as it’ll be slow as christ, 2.0 is the way to go.

  11. Oh and I forgot to mention, windows will only recognize the hard drive as a physical device and not a hard drive once its been formatted in HD Loader, or another PS2 iso loading partition. You need a program called WinHIIP to read,install, and maintenance the hard drive. Google it, itll be easy to find.

  12. I know that this is a very old site, but catch this.
    Step 1. buy a 40GB hdd from where ever you can scrounge it up in the world (It’s pretty hard, they stopped making them a few months after they started).

    Step 2. Buy an internet adapter for $40 at bestbuy.

    Step 3. google search for “hdloader” or “hdadvance” You know, the two programs you looked past in the top of the screen, and you should come across a website

    YES, you HAVE to order it. OR if your very web knowledgable, you might be able to find it. Both hdloader and hdadvance have their draw backs, off the top of my head, I cant remmember JACK.

    Hope i helped,
    Your high schooler friend from some godforsaken country town in Minnesota.

  13. hi!
    i just want to ask.. how to put a music video to the my ps2 hard disk… is their any converter??? not so sure cause i dont no much of computer programs…. pls… email me…asap.. :D

  14. I can’t believe you ppl post here as if someone’s going to magically email you instructions for how to do everything.

    This is the AOL generation – totally clueless with the answers right under their noses.

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