copy playstation 2 games to the hard drive


using a standard ata/ide hard drive (up to 120 gb) and a tools like hdloader and hdadvance you can copy all your playstation games to the drive, which makes them load faster and will cut down on wear-n-tear on the discs. just make sure you’re just doing this with the games you own.

122 thoughts on “copy playstation 2 games to the hard drive

  1. Pls guys am sorry if i am disturbing bcus i have alot of questions. Pls will i be able to use a hdd dat uses a usb cable by directly attaching d usb to d usb port on my ps2(slim new model) or is it only hdd’s dat uses ide cables. Pls if i can use the 1 wit usb or ide kindly send the steps. And please tips on how to get d hdloader or hd advance. Thank you very much 4 your time. My email is (

  2. Good morning sir/maam I just wobder if you can help on my problem because in my previous OS. which is windows XP my software winhip. is ok . but when i transfer my OS to windows 7 my software is not working anymore in transfering my games to hard drive. pls help me.

  3. Dear sir,i saw meny mini ps2 scph70004 converted with hd some use 40gb some 60gb/80gb and very intresting with good image, so i want to know how to install it, i mean more explanation about it thanks for ur co-op

  4. hey i dont know if yall tryed this yet but if you take out the ps3 slim hard drive and the ps2 hardrive look how simaler they look…..

    But swaping the ps2 hardrive instead of the Blu-ray you’ll be playing your ps3 with no top but still be able to play your ps2 on your ps3 both hooked up to together..

    Yea I know its dumb but i tryed it and now its going a 5/10 good idea.

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