making your own roomba “virtual wall” units

roomba virtual walls

the roomba virtual walls are what, in theory, will keep in the roomba away from places it shouldn’t go, like the fireplace. while roombas usually come with 2 units, wouldn’t it be better (and cheaper) to make your own? and maybe embed them in the wall?

8 thoughts on “making your own roomba “virtual wall” units

  1. in theory you could pick up the signal with a camera and duplicate it. I am not sure if its a pattern or what. unfortunately i keep losing the bloody things which is why i am in search of this as well. Buy a roomba virtual wall unit and feed him for a day, and so forth.

  2. iRobot must have some good patent lawyers preventing anyone from selling anything remotely similar. These have been around for quite awhile and irobot makes a killing on them. Very simple circuitry and they charge $40 a pop for them! Conspiracy theory: Roomba has fairly poor navigational skills and they haven’t improved much through years of iterations; what’s the incentive if it means selling less of these extremely marked-up virtual walls…

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