Copy Playstation 2 Games To The Hard Drive


using a standard ata/ide hard drive (up to 120 gb) and a tools like hdloader and hdadvance you can copy all your playstation games to the drive, which makes them load faster and will cut down on wear-n-tear on the discs. just make sure you’re just doing this with the games you own.

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    1. no there is not game is played on square servers the hd is only there to load maps char. models ect… the only real way to “hack” the game is to play on pc and use windower but there are no gil hacks or anything

      source – me (Sesshomaruiii) playing on Fenrir from usa relase to march of 2014

  1. I have a 300gb external firewire/usb drive and I would like to hook it up to my PS2… if i cant do this then how would i hook my ps2 up to my actual computer? I could then network it or something… I have been looking for answers for 4 hours now and am getting tired of it. reply@

  2. As far as I know you can’t play loaded PSX off the ps2 at the momment . Perhaps there is support for that later on.

    ePSXe can play ISO files. If you want to burn iso files to CD use burnatonce (FREE) from

    For those who want to add a harddisc to your ps2 and have the old type of ps2 you simply buy a ethernet /network adapter. Plug your harddisc to the back and stick inside your ps2. If you have the newer / slim ps2 then you will need to get a usb enclosure (though it will be slow, thru USB1).

    Now a cheap way to play your backups. (without needing to buy hdloader or hdadvance)
    Find and read about the ps2 memory card exploit.
    Load the stuff onto your memory card.
    Insert your PSX trigger game.
    Start HDLoader from the memory card, and you’re ready to go.

    You can load games through network onto the harddisc, but that is slow using hdlserver. You could take the harddisc, attach to pc and use WinHiip as mentioned above.

  3. yo, would a`20 gig hard drive do? and does it have to be a certain name brand hard drive..well how do i do i make it work, i already instal every thing in…when its in, i hear the hard drive stop spining after a min or so..wuts up?

  4. Check out for info on compatible drives for the PS2.

    A few points to make things a bit clearer.

    You cannot copy ‘backup’ DVD games to your HDD from using HDAdvance, it will only copy original DVD games to the HDD. However you can copy ‘backup’ CD based games with HDAdvance.

    To copy ‘backup’ DVD games to your HDD you will need a fliptop lid or slide tool to swap the discs.

    If you don’t have this then you WILL need to make an ISO image of your DVD on your PC then load the ISO onto your PS2 HDD.

    Using WinHip is the best way to copy you images across to your HDD via your PC. I connect my HDD with an IDE-USB adapter for speed.
    Get WinHip to format the HDD then load your .ISO images across using WinHip.
    Disconnect the HDD , stick it back in your PS2, load HDAdvance, select game, play.

    Beware: Not ALL games will play from the HDD, some have to be hacked, like GT4. Don’t be too disappointed if, after hours of imaging and copying, your game fails to get past the boot screen. GT4 got to the credits screen then died before it was hacked to work with the HDD.

    One final point:

    Your PS2 HDD should NOT be visible within Windows. Only WinHip will be able to view the drive. So don’t panic if you can’t see it. This is normal as the drive has non standard format for the PS2.

  5. I am very confused. All I want to know how to do is take my games and be able to copy them to a hard drive and play them without the disc. Please email me with instructions and what I need to do this.

  6. I need a program to write large psx2 game’s on 2dvd’s are i need compresiontool for decrypter, alcohol 120%, gamecloner ….it to copy a game like 5.6gb om a image file please help me thanks a lot

  7. any body who can give or send me external USB hard drive loader(or software) for all ps2 and ps2 slim through my mail box( and tell how i can send u the cost. thank

  8. 1 thing i am hoping to be released is the ability to load/play games from a network drive.

    i have 3 slim ps2, and with the built in ethernet port, all i wanna do is plug an ethernet cable ->pop in the “networkloader” CD ->load games from the network(LAN)(PC).

    hope this becomes a reality. :)

  9. how do i 1. use game copy, and 2 how do i download ps2 games onto my computer is it possible i’ve been searching for months and if it is please explain how i do this.

  10. Hello every one , I need to play DVD-CD games wich is not orignal CDs or Not PAL CDs, do I need to remove some chip from my (PS2 PAL Slim), or I can Use some software in my consul?

  11. i have downloaded a playstation game? i wrote it down on a dvd but it is not working in the PS2 what should i do so that it works ….. plese suggest me a way …. to burn that game onto the dvd so that it works in the PS2

  12. I want to store games on a usb hard drive for my ps2… could you give me links to websites that sell the usb hard drive for your ps2 and show me how to put games on the hard drive?

  13. You people who are downloading games and trying to play them on your PS2 are morons. That kind of activity is illegal! Even though I could tell you how to make them work, I WON’T! You need to buy the game and then you may copy it into a HDD installed in your PS2. The reason for bieng able to copy a game is stricly for backup purposes and to be able to store the origonal game so that is remains in good condition.

  14. Hi there, i’v read the article and it truly possible to jacka harddrive with your ps2. I’ve done it so far and its pretty clear that playing games without the disc is MUCH FASTER than normal.

    And PS: also check the site that i provided for ps2 download links. This site is cool man

  15. G’day,

    I have a PS2 game and i tried to burn as usual using Alcohol 120, I created the image no problem, however the image is 6 gig and is too big to fit on a normal size disk? Is there any way of shrinking the image size or is it possible to use a normal burner to burn this image onto a double layer DVD? Cheers

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