make an ipod in to a pirate radio station

ipod fm

i thought it was clever to boost the itrip mini with my lame little hack, and change what’s playing on cars next to me at stop lights, and then this project blows that out of the broadcasting waters. be sure to check with your local laws and all that before broadcasting with this “proof of concept” itrip amp.

10 thoughts on “make an ipod in to a pirate radio station

  1. This hack is lame… I made the itrip amp and hooked three units together and boosted the power input and it does nothing but increase your clean stations range.. its not powerful enough to take over radio stations farther than 2-3 feet away with the amp and it can’t even take over some at that.

  2. i found this page without hackaday, but have come to hackaday to talk about it. Mastercg i doubt you’ll ever read this but am intrigued how on earth you got this to work ? its not clear to say the least, plus the schematic link is dead. i the schematic from another site. what capacitor did you use ? my 220 ohm resistor gets hot ??? would love some help and advice, cheers.

  3. Guys, Just go but an FM mic. They are small and cheap. Hook them onto the head phone input. Get the FM mic with variable frequency adjuster. They have a range of 100 ft. You can over ride a popular radio station in Cars nearby you when stuck in a traffic Jam.

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